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थएलीtʰəelinsmall money bagvery small; worn around neck or at waist6.8.6Money8.2Big8.2.1Small6.7.7Container
थकूकtʰəkukvto be tired; to get tired9.1.1.1Exist2.4.4Tired
थमूकtʰəmukvto quiet down; to become stillas waves after a storm
थर1tʰərcfलाग1nkin term4.1.9.1Related by birthलाग थरlaɡ tʰərcngenerational line4.1.9.1Related by birth
थर2tʰərnshiverथर थर गड़ गड़tʰər tʰər ɡəɽ ɡəɽsoundshivering2.3.2.2Soundथर थर थरtʰər tʰər tʰərfr. var. ofथर थरूकph. v. ofथर2थर थर लागूकtʰər tʰər laɡukcfथर थर होऊकph. v. ofहोऊकथर2comVbto shiver7.3.1.3Shake7.2.2.8Move back and forthथर थर होऊकtʰər tʰər houkcfथर थर लागूकph. v. ofलागूकथर2comVbto shiverथर थरूकtʰər tʰərukfr. var.थर थर थरcomVb1to shudder2to shiver7.2.2.8Move back and forth2.5.6.2Fever8.3.4.1Cold7.1.9Move a part of the body
थर थर गड़ गड़tʰər tʰər ɡəɽ ɡəɽsoundshivering2.3.2.2Soundid. ofथर2
थर थर थरtʰər tʰər tʰərfr. var. ofथर थरूकph. v. ofथर2redup. ofथर2
थर थरूकtʰər tʰərukfr. var.थर थर थरcomVb1to shudderठिठुरना; कांपनाas motorscooter when idling2to shiver7.2.2.8Move back and forth2.5.6.2Fever8.3.4.1Cold7.1.9Move a part of the bodyph. v. ofथर2
थाकtʰakadjlow; short
थान1tʰannplaceए थान लेe tʰan lecfए थान्न्‌दलेcomp. of1 4थान1=ले1 1comAdvfrom here8.5.1Here, thereए थान्न्‌दलेe tʰanndledial. var.थाँदलेcfए थान लेcomp. of1 4थान1=ले1 1comAdvfrom here8.5.1Here, thereथानेtʰanen1in a place; at a place8.2.6.2Near8.5.1.2Beside8. to2withईची थानेitʃi tʰanecomAdvjust here; this very place8.5.1Here, thereए थानेe tʰanecomAdvhere; at this place9.2.3.5Demonstrative pronouns8.5.1Here, thereकोन थानेkon tʰaneadvwhere; at which place8.5Location9.2.3.4Question wordsकोनी थानेkoni tʰanecomAdvwherever8.5Location9.2.3.4Question wordsठाने ठानेʈʰane ʈʰanecnin several places8.1.3.1Many, muchहूनी थानेhuni tʰanecomAdvthere9.2.3.5Demonstrative pronouns8.5.1Here, thereथानोtʰanonplace'sहून थाँदलेhun tʰãdlecfहून थान्‍लेcomp. of=ले1हून 5थान1comAdvfrom there9.2.3.5Demonstrative pronouns8.5.1Here, thereहून थान्‍लेhun tʰanlecfहून थाँदलेcomp. ofहून 5=ले1 1थान1comAdvfrom there9.2.3.5Demonstrative pronouns8.5.1Here, there
थान2tʰanncloth type
थानेtʰanen1in a place; at a place8.2.6.2Near8.5.1.2Beside8. to2withcomp. ofथान1-ए2थान1ईची थानेcomAdvjust here; this very placeए थानेcomAdvhere; at this placeकोन थानेadvwhere; at which placeकोनी थानेcomAdvwhereverठाने ठानेcnin several placesहूनी थानेcomAdvthere
थानोtʰanonplace'sder. ofथान1
थापड़tʰapəɽnslapथापड दूईक।two slaps.7.7.1Hitथापड़ मारूकtʰapəɽ marukcomVbto slap7.7.1Hit
थापड़कtʰapɽəknone slap7.7.1Hit8.1.1Number
थापड़ाऊकtʰapɽaukvto slap7.7.1Hit
थापा1tʰapangrasshopperटिड्डाकीड़ा थापाkiɽa tʰapacninsectsखीक्‍सा थापाkʰiksa tʰapacninsect type; cricket1.6.1.7Insectझूलना थापाdʒʰulna tʰapacnpraying mantis1.6.1.7Insect
थापा2tʰapantype of woven basket for covering things
थापा2basket type
थापूकtʰapukv1to cover; to put hand on somethingwith hand, pawबीलहीं पीला मूसा थापेसे।The kitten is covering the mouse with her paw.गाले हात थापलासे।They have their hand on their cheek.7.3.7Cover2to smooth out

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