Halbi - English

थएलीtʰəelinEngsmall money bagvery small; worn around neck or at waist6.8.6Money8.2Big8.2.1Small6.7.7Container
थकूकtʰəkukvEngto be tired; to get tired9.1.1.1Exist2.4.4Tired
थमूकtʰəmukvEngto quiet down; to become stillas waves after a storm
थर1tʰərcfलाग1nEngkin term4.1.9.1Related by birthcomp.लाग थरcn
थर2tʰərnEngshiverid.थर थर गड़ गड़soundph. v.थर थर लागूकcomVbथर थर होऊकcomVbथर थरूकcomVbredupथर थर थर
थर थर गड़ गड़tʰər tʰər ɡəɽ ɡəɽsoundEngshivering2.3.2.2Soundid. ofथर2
थर थर थरtʰər tʰər tʰərredup. ofथर2fr. var. oftʰər tʰərukph. v. ofथर2
थर थर लागूकtʰər tʰər laɡukcfथर थर होऊकph. v. ofहोऊकथर2comVbEngto shiver7.3.1.3Shake7.2.2.8Move back and forthph. v. ofलागूकथर2
थर थर होऊकtʰər tʰər houkcfथर थर लागूकph. v. ofलागूकथर2comVbEngto shiverph. v. ofहोऊकथर2
थर थरूकtʰər tʰərukfr. var.tʰər tʰər tʰərcomVb1Engto shudderHinठिठुरना; कांपनाas motorscooter when idling2Engto shiver7.2.2.8Move back and forth2.5.6.2Fever8.3.4.1Cold7.1.9Move a part of the bodyph. v. ofथर2
थाकtʰakadjEnglow; short
थान2tʰannEngcloth type
थान1tʰannEngplacecomp.ए थान लेcomAdvए थान्न्‌दलेcomAdvथानेnहून थाँदलेcomAdvहून थान्‍लेcomAdvder.थानोn
थानेtʰanen1Engin a place; at a place8.2.6.2Near8.5.1.2Beside8. to2Engwithcomp. ofथान1-ए2comp.ईची थानेcomAdvए थानेcomAdvकोन थानेrpronकोनी थानेcomAdvहूनी थानेcomAdvder.ईची थानेcomAdvredupठाने ठानेcn
थानोtʰanonEngplace'sder. ofथान1
थापड़tʰapəɽnEngslapथापड दूईक।two slaps.7.7.1Hitph. v.थापड़ मारूकcomVb
थापड़ मारूकtʰapəɽ marukcomVbEngto slap7.7.1Hitph. v. ofथापड़मारूक
थापड़कtʰapɽəknEngone slap7.7.1Hit8.1.1Number
थापड़ाऊकtʰapɽaukvEngto slap7.7.1Hit
थापा1tʰapanEnggrasshopperHinटिड्डाकीड़ा थापाcnखीक्‍सा थापाcnझूलना थापाcn
थापा2tʰapanEngtype of woven basket for covering things
थापूकtʰapukv1Engto cover; to put hand on somethingwith hand, pawबीलहीं पीला मूसा थापेसे।The kitten is covering the mouse with her paw.गाले हात थापलासे।They have their hand on their cheek.7.3.7Cover2Engto smooth out

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