Halbi - English

बईरbəirdial. var.boirnEngenmityतूचो मोएँ काए बईर आसे गूनूक भेटलो पीची मारूआस।We have enmity (between us) thus at the time (we) meet you will beat me.डाटा बईरी काईरी कूचरीcn
बएकूकbəekukvEngto have a vision2.3.1See
बएदारbəedardial. var.boedarnEngmanager as of manage a farm on behalf of someone else
बएरीbəerifr. var.boerin1Engadversary2Engenemy
बजनेआbədʒneadial. var. ofबोजनेआ
बजलीbədʒlicfबजेder. ofबजूक-ए2 7nEngo'clockआँट बजली।8 o'clock.der. ofबजूक-ली
बजाऊकbədʒaukdial. var. ofबाजाऊक
बजारbədʒarfr. var.bodʒarcfबोजारfr. var. ofबजारnEngceremony name where procession part of worship with people buying and selling sweets, and so on4.9.5Practice religion
बजूकbədʒukvEngto sound, as the hour, clock, gongकीत बजली?What time is it?दस बजूआएबे।It's about to be 10 o'clock.9.1.2Do2.3.2.3Types of soundsder.बजलीnबजेn
बजेbədʒecfबजलीder. ofबजूक-लीnEngo'clockder. ofबजूक-ए2 7nom
बटनbəʈənnEngbuttonph. v.बटन धराऊकcomVb
बटन धराऊकbəʈən dʰəraukcfगूदामबोटनcomVbEngto sew on a buttonph. v. ofबटनधराऊक 2cause to take holdder. ofधरूक-आ1 3
बटमासbəʈmasnEngbean type
बत बत बत बत बतbət bət bət bət bətsoundEngsound and manner of looking (blinking) of sounds
बतरbətərcfबतर नाँगरcomp. ofबतरनाँगरहींडतो बतरcomp. ofबतरहींडूक-तो3 1n1Engset timeas a particular time to do something such as when time arrives for animals to give birthखातो बतर।time to eat.छेरी पोकातोर बतेर होलीसे।The goat's time for giving birth has occurred.2Engcompleted time3Engstate of being right for somethingold enough, big enough, fit enough, etc to do somethingcomp.ऊड़नेआ बतरcnबतर कीड़ीcnबतर नाँगरcnहींडतो बतरcnph. v.बतर जीतूकcomVbबतर बोरूकcomVb
बतर कीड़ीbətər kiɽicnEnginsect name; termite with wings1.6.1.7Insectcomp. ofबतरकीड़ा
बतर जीतूकbətər dʒitukcomVbEngto be passed time to do somethingspecifically refers to sowing or plantingph. v. ofबतरजीतूक
बतर नाँगरbətər nãɡərcfबतरहींडतो बतरcomp. ofबतरहींडूक-तो3 1cnEngplow name; plow type6.2.8Agricultural toolcomp. ofबतरनाँगर
बतर बोरूकbətər borukcomVbEngmonsoon to come; to be time for the monsoon1.1.3.3Rainph. v. ofबतरबोरूक
बँदbə̃dnEngbindingcomp.कोसा बँदcnबाजू बँदcnpn
बद बाद करूकbər bad kərukcomVb1Engto waste money6.8.6Money6.8.4.7Spend2Engto waste goodsph. v. ofबर बादकरूक
बद बाद नी करूकbər bad ni kərukcomVb1Engto economiseHinकिफ़ायत करना2Engto saveHinसुरक्षित रखना; धन बचा कर रखना storage6.8.1.4Store wealth6.8.2.4Frugal7.4.5Keep somethingph. v. ofबर बादनी2करूक
बँद होऊकbə̃d houkcomVbEngto be closed downph. v. ofबाँदूक1होऊक
बदमासbədmascfबोदमसadj1Engbadहून खूब बदमास आए।He is very bad.2Engevil