Hanga - English


a2pn1subject continuity marker2same topic
a4pn1they (non-human)A na bi kuli.They (animals) have not yet returned home.2them (non-human)3their (non-human)4pronoun for powder or liquidO naag a basi.He threw them (powder, liquid. etc.) away
a chee beeNnext day
a duuV1be abundant2be very common
a kpali n ŋa zuconjtherefore
a ni e daari lagreetgreeting for a favour done two or more days ago
a ni e maaligugreet1greeting after a funeral2greeting after sacrificing an animal to a fetish
a ni e sooriidgreeting after a journey
a ni e soosilagreetgreetings for a favour done yesterday
a ni e taabugreetWelcome!
a ni e tumagreetthanks or greetings for your work
a ni e zusuŋŋugreetgreeting for good fortune
a ni ti dabaayigreetgreeting after an absence of some days
a ni ti yumagreetgreeting after a long absence
a ni ti yuminigreetgreeting after a festival or celebration
a zuconjso
AchubunyonpropAchebunyor, a mixed Gonja and Hanga village on the main east-west road
afuwaNspoils of war
aguroNa specific dance
ajeiexclExclamation after someone does something wrong.