Hanga - English


chaariV1cry out2scream
chaatiraimpf. ofchaariV-impfbe screaming
chabiriV1cut in pieces2slice
chabitiraimpf. ofchabiriV-impfcutting into pieces
chafiriplchafiyaN1traditional religionist2fetish worshipper
chagiV1be crooked or unevenBii maa noori chagini.The child's mouth is crooked.2unbalanced or not levelKatasa maa chagini za.The bowl is not level.
chagichagiplchagichagisiNtambourine (without a skin}
chapAdvexactlyYalli maa gbagba n na, e yali chap.You have just stated the issue exactly.
cheV1leave behind2chop with a cutlass or small axe3havest millet, guinea corn or rice with a knife4harvest rice with a sickle
che choroVhit on head using knucklesO che u choro.He hit him on the head with his knuckles
che n paŋŋiVforgive a debt or a sinChe n paŋŋi ma.Forgive me.
chebiVplace money on the forehead of a dancer in appreciation
chebiriplchebaNflint and iron used to start a fire
chechefrom Hausacfkutiri baariguplchechesiNbicycle
chee1plcheesi1Nbrown-necked parrot
chee2cheeg/_[V]V1run2tearbincheesomething torn
cheen2Vpurify or cleanse
cheenjiN1money returned after a purchaser gives a larger amount2smaller banknotes or coinsŊma ma cheenji.Help me to get smaller banknotes.
cheeriVcut strip using the point of a knife
cheesi2V1harvest crops2tear repeatedly
cheezuuriplcheezuyaNSenegal long-tailed parakeet
chefiriplchefiyaNpagan person
cheliVcease doing something
chenaVbe coming

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