Hanga - English


faV1rescue or saveO fa ma basi.He rescued me from danger.2escapeO fayaHe escaped3obtain by forceba fa o ligiri maathey took his money by force
faaliV1tear (fresh) skin2remove meat from skin
faaraimpf. offaV-impfsaving someone
faariVpress uponO faari o nufu.He pressed down on his eyes.
fabilidial. var. offobiliV
falaaliguplfalaaligusiNswallow (bird)
faliVtread down
faŋinaV-impfworryingDa faŋina yela ŋa.Don' worry about these matters.
fe2Vspin something, perhaps an empty snail shell
febiVhusk grain
feebiV1whip2beat with one's hand or with a stick
feesiVclear away (nasal mucus)
feliV1offend or be disrespectful2castrate
fereplferesiNmind or thoughts
fere feebuptcpthinking
fere tiibuidgivining advice
feriV1be tightly packed in2be full up
fii1fiig/_[V]Vbe bored withBindira maa fii mani.I am bored with the food.
fii2attrsmall or very smallKoom maa ba fii.There is not much water.
fiibafrom English "fever"Njaundice (as in hepatitis, yellow fever)