Hanga - English


ya1Vbe about to do something
ya2pn1you (plural)2your (plural)
ya3interrogwhere?Ya n na o be?Where is it?
yaa2yaag/_[V]V1take from a liquid or separate somethingYaa kugiri maa yi koom maa.Take the stone from the water.2separate two thingsO yaag o noori.He opened his mouth. Yaag e noba.Separate your legs.3pay attentionYaa, hmm, saa chenni kpe.Pay attention, ok, rain has come here.
yaabaNgrandfather or grandmother
yaadabaplyaadabsiN1grandfather2male ancestor
yaapogaplyaapogibaN1grandmother2female ancestor
yaari1V1be impolite2be inconsiderate3be stubborn4work unsatisfactorily
yaari2V1scatter (seeds, etc)2overflow
yaayeNuniform clothing
yabeeplyabeeriNbad event or actionNira tuubu niŋini yabee.Insulting people is bad.
yachagiriNthings that are wrong
yagiV1be pulled off2come off
yagiliVhang something up
yagsiVshake, perhaps shaking a tree to get fruit to fall
yakaraN1important matters2pretending equality with superiorsBii maa mari yakara ga.The child is speaking of important things that he is not old enough to comment on.
yakpeebuNattempt to do something known to be too difficult for the doer
yaligidial. var. ofyeligiVwiden
yalliplyaladial. var. ofyeladial. var. ofyelliNsomething happening