Application Form Instructions

Instructions for filling out application form

To publish a dictionary on, you will need to fill out this form. After the Webonary staff person, creates your account, you will receive an email with your account credentials. The fields marked with an asterisk* are required fields.



The name of the person with Administrator rights on this account.


The email address at which the Administrator can be contacted.

Language Name:

A language name that can be found in the Ethnologue.

Language ISO Code:

The 3-letter code from the Ethnologue. Go to and search for the Language Name. i.e. For ISO 639-3 use the 3-letter code, mnb.

Desired URL:

The URL will begin with The language name will be added at the end. i.e.

Template to use:

Check out the following templates and choose one of them.

Chinese & English -

English only -

French & English -

German & English -

Ghana English only -

Indonesian & English -

Malay & English -

Nepali & English -

Portuguese & English -

Russian & English -

Spanish & English -

Swahili & English -

Tagalog & English -

Turkish & English -

Urdu & English -

If you want to use an existing Webonary dictionary as a template, check other and fill in the URL of that dictionary.

Display Languages (UI, menu labels, etc. - not dictionary data):

If no template exists for the Display language (UI, menu labels, etc. - not dictionary data) you need to enter that language in the textbox. Perhaps someone is working on a template for that language or Webonary staff can help you create a new template.


When a visitor to your dictionary posts a comment on an individual entry, the administrator of your dictionary receives an email alerting you of the comment. As the administrator, you can choose to ignore the comment or post it, so that other visitors can see it.

Publication Status:

You may choose the initial publication status and upgrade the status as you improve the lexical content on Webonary. We encourage publishing early and often.

Who is the owner/copyright holder?* is owned by SIL International. Each individual dictionary is owned and should be copyrighted by either an individual author or a legal entity. If no one is available to hold the copyright, SIL International can hold the copyright for protection of the data.

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