Setting up a Font

If you use a special font, it has to be available as a web font (in the woff format). On we have a repository where the common SIL fonts (Andika, Charis SIL, etc.) are already available. When you import your dictionary, the font will be automatically linked.

Please check in the Webonary settings under the "Fonts" tab if all your fonts have been linked.


If the font wasn't found in the font repository, please send us the ttf font and we will convert it to woff for you and add it. Please do not convert it yourself using an online converter, as they usually don't come with a license.

Font subsets

If a font subset exists for your font, a message will appear in Webonary encouraging you to use the subset font. For example, for Andika there are many font subsets available, e.g. "Andika APac" (Asia Pacific) which is only 71kb big, compared to just "Andika" which is 536kb. On a slow internet connection using the subset font will make a big difference. You can download the subset from and then change the font in FLEx.

Changing the Font in FLEx

In Flex, you can set the default font for a writing system in Format…Set up writing system, Modify the desired font, then set the font in the Font tab.

The other way to change it is in the Styles dialog (Format…Styles). You can set a font on any writing system of any style. If you want a writing system to use a given font wherever it is used, you can go to the Normal style, Font tab, click the desired writing system, then set the font. In Tools…Configure…Dictionary, for any field you can assign a style, and that style can use the desired font for the desired writing system(s).