Hrê - English


ta'noh hlàigive back change
tapround (one...)
tapahsplit, broken apart; divided (verb)
tapèchdevelop; expand
tapèh1open, (imper.) opened
tapòngporridge (rice + bean...)
tapòqmate (to...)
taprai; taprŏitwo families agree to join in a marriage
taprŏiask for girl's hand in marriage
tapuatangled (of string)
tarahen (rahen)argue
tarahen cwangargue with stubornness
tarènhcompare enviously
tarìttremble (from fear)
tarìt ( tanget)shiver (from chill)
tarìt tariangtremble ; shake (from fear)
tarong (...cadàu)plunge headlong
tatahleech (water...)
tatình chactremble
tatrech; trechscold
tatùh1bump against
tauthere (over...)
tawacproblem; hinderance; burdened (..with)