The Ife language is part of the Yoruboide language family. Ife is spoken by approximately 207,000 people in the southern parts of Togo and Benin, more specifically around Atakpame in Togo and Tchetti in Benin.

The dialect chosen for the written form is Tchetti d’Akparé, except for certain variant forms listed with their locations.

Our primary goal is to present this dictionary to mother-tongue speakers who wish to improve their writing. This dictionary will serve as a reference document for the correct spelling of words as well as a guide containing definitions of words. We are hoping that it will also be useful to those who are interested in learning Ife. Ife speakers can also improve their French by studying the entries.

This is the first edition. We included words that are practical for everyday life, although not all Ife words are included. Certain words may be missing that should be included. Likewise, there may be errors in the entries or in the definitions. We welcome your comments suggestions and comments; please share your thoughts on the Contact Us page.