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badukangnOsteogeneiosus militarisIrasaginis a seda' sa aig a timus a milalagid sa gaguk, makulabu-kulabu, teneken agu' malindeg i lawas, sa sabagi' a inged da' a tau a gkaan run.Engmilitary catfish; a type of saltwater catfishMalbadukang; utik
badungnMonopterus albusEngswamp eelMalbelut sungaithese fish live in holes in the mud and sometimes at low tide you can drop the bait and the line in the hole to catch the fish. different species but similar to kasili. Kasili is shorter and badung has a lot of bones and is very smelly.
Leo Nico
bagangnEnga lift net used for fishing in ponds or slow moving waterMalbagang
Mabulmaddin Shaiddin
Mabulmaddin Shaiddin
bagelnEngwaveMalombakMangala' a bagel sa minanga kagia magabi.
bagisan1nEnggeneric term for sharkMalikan yu
bagisan2nGaleocerdo cuvierEngtiger shark; the specific name for this shark is uncertain in Iranun
Albert Kok
bagisan a bengelnNebrius ferruginous Engnurse shark or bamboo sharkbudu-budu sa Pantai Emas
Mabulmaddin Shaiddin
bagisan a manesepnEngcatshark; groundshark; bamboo shark
NOAA public domain
bagisan a mangalinRhincodon typusEngWhale sharkMaljerung
FishBase public domain
bagisan a rengabnCarcharhinus longimanusEngoceanic whitetip sharkMalyu muncung panjang
bagisan a talibata'nAlopias pelagicusEngthresher sharkMalyu ekor panjang
bagisan a tanggiri'Irabagisan a mapia i sapu', a dtata'am sa sapu' a tanggiri' ; labangan a imbedtu run a sabagi' a tau. bagisan a mala' i atai.Engsome of the several species of Carcharhinid sharks that is said by Iranun to taste like mackerel when cooked. These sharks also have large livers which some Iranun like eatingMalsejenis yu yang mempunyai rasa seperti ikan tenggiri. ia mempunyai hati yang besar
bagisan a taramunungnCarcharhinus sorrahEngspotfin shark
Sean Conklin
bagisan a tutungannCarcharhinus sp.Engblack tip reef shark. This shark has obvious black on fin tips, favors shallow waters and is prized for its meat which is used in a favorite Iranun traditional dish (see siager)Malyu
Sean Conklin
fishx6 @wikimedia commons
bagisan...nTriaenodon obesusEngThe specific Iranun name is not certain. The shark pictured is the whitetip reef shark. It is found on coral reefs and grows to a length of 1.5mMalikan yu sirip putih
NOAA public domain
bagiunEnga strong west wind that goes on and off for periods up to three days. It could be related to the typhoon season in the PhilippinesMaltengkujuhgeneral term for a very strong wind that comes between June and December
bagua'nEnga type of small tornado or waterspout that occurs near or on the sea.Malputing beliung
Dr. Joseph Golden NOAA
bagungennTelescopium telescopiumEngHorn snail. a large edible snail that lives in the mangroves.
Mabulmaddin Shaiddin
bakaiawa'nEnga kind of bamboo plantMalsejenis buluhbentung
bakaunRhizophora sp. ; Avicennia sp. ; Bruguiera gymnorrhizha ; Engmangrove treeMalpokok bakau
Sean Conklin
Sean Conklin
bakulannEuthynus affinisIrapanitEngone of the mackrel tuna species charactericed by having black barring along the dorsal part of the body. kawakawa ; black skipjack tuna ; bonito ; mackrel tunaMalbakulan
Sean Conklin
Sean Conklin
balanaknLiza vaigiensisEnggreekbacked or gray mulletMalbelanak Maregen ka pamingit sa balanak ka' maitu' a ngari' ian.lives in shallow coastal waters, lagoons and rivers and is usually found in small schools. It is a popular food fish that is caught using various kinds of nets with typical size ranging between 200-200mm. *page 148 to 149 in Kong 1998unspec. comp. form ofkambura'
Sean Conklin
Sean Conklin
Sean Conklin
balangitaunEngfalse gharial; a crocodilian that lives in freshwater. This crocodilian was found in the rivers around the Iranun villages a generation ago but has become scarce or non existent. It was said to be known by the reddish colour of the nape of its neck and its bold behaviour.Malbuaya jejulong
balantingvEngto carry with a pole over ones shoulder or between two peopleMalgandar