Dictionary Entries explained

The entries in Iranun of Sabah consist of a headword followed by the abbreviation for the part of speech. The latin name for the word may be displayed next. Then the definitions in English or Malay are given. These may be followed by example sentences. For some words, like water creatures, there is a photo, with a copyright and name or w or wp.

In the example below, the part of speech is "n" for noun. The copyright symbol and photography are at the end of the entry; a photo for the enty appears in the Browser.

ambulung n. Priacanthidae. Eng bigeye fish; a family of small to medium size fish with red skin and large eyes. Mal ikan mata besar. [Bidtuan sa uji rasid ka mala' i mata. Si Uji Rashid palalagu magawa' ku tahun 70-an taman imantu. ] ©Sean Conklin