The Kabiye people of Togo have several alternate names: Cabrai, Cabrais, Kabre, Kabure, Kabye. The population of this vast people group is 975,000 in Togo, totaling 1,005,000 in all countries in which they live.

Kabiye is classified as an Eastern Grusi language. There are four dialects: Boufale, Kewe, Kijang, and Lama-Tissi. The Kabiye language is used by all ages of speakers in multiple settings: the home, market, neighborhood, church, and non-formal education. Kabiye is also taught in secondary schools as an optional subject. The literacy rate ranges from 5 to 25%.

Written materials and media in Kabiye include a dictionary, a grammar article, the Bible (1998) as well as newspapers, radio programs and TV.