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chach see also: mapitomo. n m/f a general term for lizard; palai Ex: Wokuandi chach meri mo. The boys hunted for lizards. (sem. domains: - Lizard.) chach jobromo , chach nyunguab, chach wongunchi , chongo guaqmo , maptoqmo , merasingimo , mureqenji , parwongreng , wuk
chach jobromo (id. ofchach) n fem a medium sized lizard with light and dark markings which lives in the sword grass; Gh: chach jabromo; H: jabromo (sem. domains: - Lizard.)
chach nyunguab, chach wongunchi (id. ofchach) n masc a light brown or black lizard living in holes in the ground.; Gh: chach guabon; H: nyunguab; So: kunani guabMueller's skink (sem. domains: - Lizard.)
chaghi [chaghi] n fem the bast tissue of the coconut palm whose fibrous material is used as a sieve when washing sago; laplap bilong kokonas; Gh: juwaghi Ex: Ni chaghi chang pe baq wundiq ei wuge wuye wuwo. She fastened the bast in the base of the sago frond so she could wash sago. (sem. domains: - Coconut Palm, 1.5.5 - Parts of a plant.)
chaghi maimbute n stick that supports/tensions straining net of sago platform; stik bilong saksak (sem. domains: - Sago processing.)
chaghi puate n fem lower coconut bast (sem. domains: - Coconut Palm, 1.5.5 - Parts of a plant.)
chaghi tond (id. oftond) n masc the top part of a coconut bast (sem. domains: - Coconut Palm, 1.5.5 - Parts of a plant.)
chai n fem a peel, husk; skin bilong frut; H: chango Ex: Wane uri chai anene nase. The ripe banana still has the peel on it. (sem. domains: 1.5.5 - Parts of a plant.)
chair [chari̥] n fem blister; buk i gat wara, blista; Gh: njari Ex: Nyumo bidiq bidiq, si chari pipiq. We kept on cutting trees, we got blisters.
cham n neut part of something; hap; Gh: chaw Ex: Nge mir cham kaq. I ate the leftover food.
cham nand vt he scrapes something; skirapim; Gh: chaw nand Ex: Nge bubui cham gad. I accidentally bump, scrape the boil.
chamase n fem tree used to decorate for special occasions; wanpela kain diwai ol i yusim bilong bilas long singsing; Gh: chamache; H: chamqoha [chamoha]; So: chomase see also: muarepen.
chamb n neut woven sago leaves on bottom edge of roof; arere bilong haus Ex: Ipiki nganye buagi chamb pe nyuw pu mase. Many rats make their nests in the woven sago leaves at the bottom edge of the roof.
chambire n masc pole supporting the roof (See drawing of baj); liklik diwai pasim i stap arere long sparen; So: dob
chambri n m/f waist, below the ribs; sait bilong bel; H: chambr [chambrI]; So: chambire
chambu n m/f totem, a sign or mark which is different for each person. It is taboo for them to eat or use that item; wanpela wanpela man i gat tambu bilong en Ex: Wute ire ire ni chambu rise. Each person has a totem. see also: wango.
chang n masc base of the sago frond; pangal bilong saksak; Gh: bage Ex: Wuge chang bi pawo. We remove the base of the sago frond.
changri [changrɨ] n fem ditch, especially to drain around houses; baret; Gh: nimbe [nɨmbe]; H: changru; So: changru Ex: Changri mawo. They made a ditch.
chaqi mamb, mi vt he makes a groove in the posts supporting a house so that the crossbeams will be secure; wokim fok long pos bilong haus; Gh: juwa mamb; H: kuar mamb Ex: Ni nyau yuod chaqi mamb/mi. They make a groove in the posts supporting the house for cross beams.
char n fem (dense) bush, jungle; bus; Gh: njar Ex: Wute temi ni char ningg ker mawo. The two men were angry about who owned a specific area of the bush.
cheche, kise, nuse [kɨse] n m/f older sibling, elder brother or sister; bikpela brata o susa; Gh: jaje, kite, nite; H: jeje, kihe, nihe Ex: Nge chech nandi. My older brother is coming. Ex: Ni kise wet bidi nare nandi. His older bother is bringing money. Ex: Nu nuse tequ yembe wand. You are working with your older brother (or sister). see also: jeje.
cheiq nare vt he pierces something with a sharp object; sutim; Gh: jei nap, chei nap; H: cheiq nap Ex: Ni mame bidi pe os cheiq niraq. He pierced the saucepan with a machete.
chembrim n masc a small type of citrus fruit; liklik muli; So: musongi
cheme n masc loincloth made from bats wings; mal i wokim long skin bilong blakbokis Ex: Cheme meti nowi, chongo puaq mindiq, cheme maghe. They took bats, they removed the skin, they made loin cloths. see also: wapi cheme. (sem. domains: - Bat, 5.3.1 - Men's clothing.)
cheme mbramyi, cheme workeri (id. ofwapi cheme) n masc the Bare-backed Fruit Bat; Gh: chame; H: mbramyi; So: mbramyi Ex: Cheme mbramyi ni nyumo yi pe nimbraqe namb pug pug bu mbramyi puq bidig. This bat flaps his wings loudly among the fruit in the trees so we call him, "mbramyi." (sem. domains: - Bat.)

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