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dabo₁ n neut bush; bus; H: yuqo; So: yuqo Ex: Dabo mo. They went to the bush to go hunting.
dabo₂ part outside; ausait Ex: Ni dabone yeru. They were standing outside the house.
dag n fem a type of grass found in the sword grass fields; gras Ex: Dag tan mbe ris kin. The grass is found in the kunai.
dang nand vt 1hit, pound; paitim Ex: Ni sovel ningg ngawu dang wundig. She hit his head with a shovel. 2chew; paitim kaikai long tit Ex: Ni iye dang wund, prir wuqond. She chews the coconut, spits it out. 3pound sago pulp; So: wuge timi durung nand Ex: Wuge timi dang nand. He pounds sago pulp.
dar nand vi partially cooked food; i no tan gut; Gh: ndar nand; H: apo ureng nand; So: qurombiteq namb Ex: Wane dar nand. The banana is partially cooked.
deibu n masc charm, white powder used for magic; waitpela graun bilong wokim singsing mejik.; So: teibu Ex: Deibu mu mand kin. The powder is for working magic.
di₁ conj and, then; na Ex: Pita, Jon di Andrew pugri pu Wewak mo. Peter, John and Andrew went to Wewak.
di₂ [] adj just a little; liklik, liklik hap Ex: Nge wuge di ne os pe kawo kughe. I put a little bit of sago in the saucepan. Ex: Minye wase didi gade. I heated the greens just a little.
di₃ ab noun cutting; katim Ex: Wuge dub penddub monygeri di di mare mo, imb map, nyumo puate pe imb map mondo mandi, dung mand pre, muqdi ni ngimrau map. They cut and bring sago, wild palm and pieces of kande vine, make a fence around the base of the tree all around the tree, then make a doorway.
di riti [dɨ rɨti] adj it clears, settles, becomes clear after darkness or dirt is cleaned away; i kamap klia; Gh: mbend rich; H: pend rihi Ex: Ni rar di riti, wu nase no. His eyes cleared (so he could see), he ran away. Ex: Wuye suriq, di kuti. The muddy water settled out.
di ruso vi dawn, first light of morning; tulait see also: pend ruso.
dig [dɨg] adj torn loose, broken off; i lus Ex: Ni umo ire wutaqwi pudi dig ir wughe. She caught a fish, but it tore loose and fell down. Ex: Nyumo dig mand, ir kui. The tree came loose (the last part of the trunk to be cut) and fell down.
digany [dɨgany] ; Gh: tuguany; So: tuguanye 1 n masc a coconut broom; brum ol i wokim long nok bilong kokonas Ex: Iye timange dubu pe digany yembe bidig. We make a broom from the back bone of the coconut fronds. 2 n a long skinny person; i longpela bun nating man Ex: Wuti umbo segi digany. The man did not have a big belly he was skinny.
digig nand [dɨgɨg nand] ; So: dighir rind vi 1it is hard to move some part of the body after an injury because it hurts very much, it is stiff; tait Ex: Nge nyinge mame pe pend kawo kin digig rind, muq nge oghine nyinge kare segi. My leg that I cut with a knife hurts badly, now I cannot walk well. 2he feels ashamed in front of someone because he has done something wrong to him; em pilim sem long lukim man em i bin mekim nogut long en Ex: Nge ni unje kaip pu pugri bu muq nge godo guqoid ye digig rind. I wronged him so I feel ashamed to go see him.
dinmo n fem cockroach; kokoros; Gh: edin; H: babodirmo
direb adj wide; brait; So: breng Ex: Nge baj direb namb, bu wute quan segine mase tuqui. My house is wide, so many people can stay in it.
dirig nand vi the jaw clamps shut when an animal dies and can't be opened; man i dai na maus i pas olgeta; So: digrig nand Ex: Wuti nati mim dirig nand. The man died and his mouth clamps shut.
diyab, jab, chamboquring n fem a fan used to blow on a fire; basket bilong winim paia i lait; Gh: tonpi; H: njamo uring; So: pung Ex: Diyab iye timange o unduri pe yembe nindiny. They make fans from coconut fronds or a type of black palm.
dob n m/f back; beksait; Gh: dob, gori Ex: Ni gang nase bu dob qurengu nare. He was old so his back was crooked. see also: gori. dob namb, dob neng
dob namb, dob neng (id. ofdob) vd he turns his back on someone to ignore them
dobu adv later, behind; bihain; Gh: dabu Ex: Nge dobu karu. I will come later.
dobudobu adv backwards; wokabaut long beksait; Gh: dabudabu Ex: Kar dobudobu wundi. The car backed up.
dobui adj long, tall; longpela Ex: Wuti te dobui nganye. That man is very tall.
dodi n fem door, refers to a door attached at the top which opens up; dua; Gh: manye, jeji; H: dodi see also: ngimrawu.
dog nand it does not mature; Gh: dug nand; H: jog nand vi 1egg is not fertilized so it does not mature; kiau bagarap Ex: Wapi nyoq dog rind. The bird egg does not mature. (The other eggs hatch, but this one is left and is rotten.) 2immature fruit of palms and vines rots instead of getting ripe; frut i no redi yet i pundaun Ex: Iye toquki dog nand bu ir ni. The immature coconut rots, so it falls down.

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