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gh- v you imperative; yupela (sg) Ex: Muq Kiap Tamsen nari, "Nu kanaka ye pengu ndiny, ni ngiq rind tedi nge hat kew." Now Kiap Thompson said, "You ask the natives, if they agree I will give you the hat." Ex: Ni nari, Ni riri piyi nge hat yegh." He said, "They say you can give me the hat." Ex: Nari, "Nge muq nu simbe giduw, nu tungu di kanaka simbe ndiny." He said, "Now I will tell you, you listen and tell the natives." Ex: Oti ni wundi nu segi yo mune wundoq." Later when it comes you can go see it."
ghabe ab noun ignorance; longlong ghabe nand
ghabe nand (ghabe) vi is ignorant, mentally deficient; longlong Ex: Asi beghi ghabe bad. Before we were ignorant.
ghan nand see also: van nand. vi stop fight, break up fight
ghang [ghangg] n fem white mark on skin; waitpela mak long skin; Gh: yayi; So: tiq Ex: Ni ghang niraq. He has a white spot.
ghapo nindiq [ghapo nɨndiq] vi he is short of breath, winded; em i sot win
ghar adj young, unripe, immature; i no mau yet Ex: Wo gharne wure wundi. She delivered a premature baby. puwo ghar
ghari part not; i no klia; Gh: ari Ex: Te buqod ghari. We have not seen it.
ghat n neut traditional salt, made from burning coconut husks; sol bilong tumbuna; H: ghah; So: tiqimbi Ex: Ni iye gromui ghat ningg wase wunde. She burned the part of the coconut tree where the fruit is attached to, in order to make traditional salt. see also: tuwi nindiq.
ghati [ghatɨ] n neut snake (generic); snek; Gh: ghati, tarewud; H: ghahi Ex: Ghati tupu nyombui nitiq. The poisonous snake bit the dog. (sem. domains: - Snake.)
ghati ambe [ghatɨ ambe] n fem a small light brown snake which lives by houses; Gh: ghati urambe; H: ghahi ambre; So: ghati quari (sem. domains: - Snake.)
ghati botemi
ghati botemi [ghatɨ botemi] n masc the Papuan Whip Snake, a water snake; snek bilong wara; Gh: wuye reko; H: ghahi wuye Ex: Ghati botemi wuye pe kin di wute nat segi ye. This snake lives in the water and does not bite people. Papuan Whip Snake (sem. domains: - Snake.)
ghati minar [ghatɨ minar] n fem type of very small snake that lives in the bush; liklik snek bilong bus (sem. domains: - Snake.)
ghati mongo
ghati mongo [ghatɨ mongo] n masc a python snake, large black and blue snake which squeezes its prey to death then swallows them whole; moran; Gh: ghati wuchi; H: ghahi mango; So: ghati wuti Ex: Ghati mongo pu nuaq wughe. The python wrapped himself around the pig. (sem. domains: - Snake.)
ghati ngrop [ghatɨ nggrop] n masc type of snake; liklik snek bilong bus; H: ghahi ngrop; So: ghati tungroip Ex: Ghati ngrop wute sawo mat pudi wuti nati segi. These snakes bite people but a man doesn't die. (sem. domains: - Snake.)
ghati nyumurighi [ghatɨ nyumurighɨ] n masc a long slender snake which moves very quickly; wanpela kain liklik snek (sem. domains: - Snake.)
ghati riq n fem the Green Tree python; wanpela kain grinpela snek; H: ghahi riq; So: ghati rawo see also: ghati tingeruki. Green Tree python (sem. domains: - Snake.)
ghati sindiyu
ghati sindiyu [ghatɨ sindiyu] n neut death adder, a short dark snake who lives in the sword grass and whose bite is deadly; poisen snek bilong kunai; Gh: tindiyu; H: ghahi hindiyu Ex: Ghati sindiyu ni yeng kin. This snake is a deadly one. (sem. domains: - Snake.)
ghati tingeruki [ghatɨ tinggeruki] n masc a large yellow snake with small brown marks; it is a young snake which changes color when it gets older and is then called a green tree python.; H: ghahi hingeruchi see also: ghati riq. (sem. domains: - Snake.)
ghati tuaw [ghatɨ tuaw] n fem type of large snake which kills its prey by squeezing it; meri bilong moran i gat kain kain mak; Gh: ghati tuaw, nguare; H: ghahi haw (sem. domains: - Snake.)
ghati tumbarumo
ghati tumbarumo [ghatɨ tumbarumo] n fem a non-poisonous ground boa who lives in the bush and at streams; dispela snek i stap long bus na klostu long wara; H: ghahi humbarumo Ex: Ghati tumbarumo ni pripri tag gawo wuse ye. This snake frequently sleeps under decomposing trees. (sem. domains: - Snake.)
ghati tupu [ghatɨ tupu] n fem death adder, a long snake with a colored pattern; wanpela longpela poisen snek; Gh: ghati tupu, kimechup quari [kɨmechup quarɨ]; H: ghahi yeng [ghahɨ yengg] Ex: Ghati tupu ni tag gawo pe wuse ye. The death adder sleeps under decomposing trees. Death adder (sem. domains: - Snake.)
ghati wurenj n masc a type of python whose head is black and body light brown; moran; Gh: ghati bojuwo; H: ghahi renj; So: ghati unjum (sem. domains: - Snake.)
ghatsuai [ghatsuai, ghatɨsuai] n fem a chant trying to find the reason for sickness or a death; tok bokis long nek bilong singsing tumbuan; Gh: ghatitai; H: braq yuwo; So: mindeb Ex: Ghatsuai mari. The men chant in hidden speech. (sem. domains: - Omen, divination.)
ghav ab noun help; helpim

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