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jabin n masc stinging nettle with red leaves; retpela salat; So: kaman ambo Ex: Dob yuqo pati, jabin powi. When our backs hurt, we put on nettle. see also: anemaw. Dendrocnide (sem. domains: 1.5.2 - Bush, shrub, 1.5.5 - Parts of a plant.)
jag n fem liver; leva Ex: Umbo tiqe wam jag wus. The liver is above the stomach.
jag ar n fem gallbladder; pispis bilong leva Ex: Jag ar abo kueq ye. The gall bladder tastes bitter.
jari (bujari) n fem shelf; bet; So: napri Ex: Wam jari bidiq. We make a high shelf. see also: napri.
jebe n masc rack for drying meat; bet bilong smokim mit; Gh: tuguadi, wanj; H: umb chire; So: gebe Ex: Pu jebe pe vand miraq. They smoked pork on a drying rack.
jebo nand vi he is insane, demented, mentally disturbed; longlong; Gh: jabo nand; So: gebo nand Ex: Ni jebo nand di wute bub nare namb. He is insane and chases people to hit them.
jeje n m/f my older sibbling see also: cheche, kise, nuse.
jib n masc floor joists, cross pieces supporting the floor, found in some houses, but not all; namba tri diwai bilong flua; H: gibi; So: nyumo yir
jibere n Jibere tree Ex: Mas, mo, jibere e mare, bir [beghi?] They went and felled the jibere tree. see also: nyumo jibere.
jig adj something that is leftover or is sour, spoiled; kaikai o saksak bilong asde em i saua pinis Ex: Mir kei kin bu jig rind. The food was from the day before yesterday, so it is spoiled. Ex: Muq wuge jig ruso wuye ruwo. Today they are washing sago pulp was was leftover (pounded but not washed) from yesterday.
jige kuso, gud vi it evaporates; wara i drai pinis; Gh: chighe wuto; H: chighe; So: qi kuso Ex: Wuye jige kuso, bu mir kriq ruso. The water evaporated so the food burned. gibe jige no
jiguri n fem soft mud with a dark color; sting graun Ex: Nyumbueg nying juguri ruany. The women rub mud on their grass skirts (to make a dark color).
jiji n fem sand; wesan
jiju nand vt to join something to another in order to increase its size or length; joinim; H: chi nuqond; So: ting nand Ex: Ni sare dugu jiju nand. He fastened the two ends of the rope together.
jijuting adj lined up closely together; surikim lain i kam; Gh: jiju rite; H: jujuhing; So: ting Ex: Kar jijuting rind. The cars are lined up closely together. see also: durung nand 2.
jimang [jɨmangg] n fem a black beetle whose shell looks like a shield and has a yellow belly; wanpela binatang i blakpela
jireq nand [jɨreq nand] vt he wiggles it, moves it back and forth to loosen it; mekim nais; Gh: yi nondo nandi; So: uruneq Ex: Ni sawo jireq nand. He wiggles a tooth.
Jisas beghi ningg sambro nase (Bible term ofsambro nase) Bible Term Jesus took the punishment in our place.
Jisas nati pu mune nes newo (Bible term ofnes newo) Bible Term Jesus was resurrected from the dead.
Jisas ningg wute (Bible term ofwute) Bible Term disciples of Jesus
Jisas nitamu powi (Bible term ofneti nowi, nitaq wuwi, nate mowi, nate ruwi) Bible Term Jesus saves us.
Jisas wand puaq nindig (Bible term ofwand puaq nand) Bible Term Jesus removes his sin, forgives him
jiveng [jɨveng] n fem algae that grows in a stream; pipia i stap ananit long wara, pekpek bilong san Ex: Jiveng wuye pe kin. Algae is in the water.
job ab noun pieces; i bruk; Gh: pur wut; So: bir wus Ex: Eny job wus. The bamboo is broken in many pieces.
jogro n neut decomposing body fluids of a human corpse; sting blut bilong daiman; Gh: jagro; H: wute jagro Ex: Wute mati ni broq mo, di yavi wuye ane te rindi. Te wuti jogro. When men die and decompose, then blood along with water comes out. That is the decomposing body fluids of a human corpse.

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