Kamasau - English


m- v 3.m.pl Ex: Pugri pu ni tan tumo pe mindighe mo. Like that those many went down to the nearby kunai.
mabri n fem butterfly, moth miraiqangu
mai 1 adj heavy, weighs a lot; hevi Ex: Os mai wiyo. The saucepan is heavy. 2 n fem troubles, worries; hevi Ex: Beghi mai pare. We have a lot of troubles. mai pe nas , mim mai riwo , nei mai viyo , si mai riwo
mai pe nas (id. ofmai) vi he is troubled, facing a difficult situation; i stap long hevi; Gh: mai mbo nat; H: mai pe nah
maiambumo n fem swing; siso see also: momoi no.
maket n market; maket Ex: Joy wuri, "O, Saiwa, muqdi ghandi, ane maket pe po." Joy said, "Oh Saiwa come and we will go to the market."
mame n fem a cutting tool; naip
mame bidi
mame bidi n masc a machete; bus naip; So: mame bidi, mame sabraw Ex: Mame bidi qu naind. He sharpened the machete.
mame brong
mame brong [brong] n fem a large adze used for shaping flat planks; tamiok
mame chaqi n fem shim made from a piece of wood, pounded into an ax head to keep it from flying off the handle. (Young people now use a small piece of old saraip blade instead.); kail; H: mame chaiq Ex: Mame chaqi mame puate pe baq bad kin. The shim is for putting an axe head on.
mame gebich
mame gebich n fem a small sharp paring knife; liklik naip; H: mame choqui; So: choqi Ex: Mame gebich mitaqwi, warbu nyoq mand. They got a paring knife and peeled the taro.
mame opui n fem the handle of a knife Ex: Opui beghi mame pitiq wuse yembe bad. We hold the handle of the knife to work.
mame puate n fem an ax; tamiok; Gh: mame mbuate; H: mame puaha Ex: Wute mame puate pe nyumo emare. Men cut down trees with axes.
mame siresi
mame siresi [sɨresi] n masc a small adze; wanpela sampting bilong wokim plang; Gh: mame chubi Ex: Nge mame seresi pe mame puate quang nyoq gad. I made the handle of an axe with an adze.
mame tamaku
mame tamaku n masc tool like a hoe for cutting down trees; H: mame proh; So: mame megu Ex: Mame tamaku ren ni Jemani pu mare mandi. They brought these tools from Germany.
mamereng [mamerengg] n masc a small cicada; samting bilong bus i krai; Gh: tarereng [tarerengg]; So: maneneng [manenengg] Ex: Mamereng dabo char pe nari kin. Cicadas call out in the bush. see also: givari.
mand₁ (Bible term ofmand, kimand, nimand) n m/f fellow believer, brother in Christ
mand₂ n neut the chest; bros see also: tambye. mand jari
mand jari (id. ofmand) n breastbone/sternum and bones attached to it in front, not including all the ribs on the side.
mand, kimand, nimand n m/f a friend, mate; poroman, pren Ex: Ni kimand temi griny mand. He played with his friend. God ningg kimand nuamu pas kin , mand
mang [mangg] n masc bunch of fruit see also: sage.
mang wo n m/f cousins, term I use for my mother's uncle's children; pikinini bilong kandere bilong mama kimang wo , nimang wo
mani n money; mani
manj rip vi land slides; graun i bruk long sait bilong maunten; Gh: muanji romu; H: chiriqo naghe, manj rip; So: minjiriqe naghe Ex: Qi manj rip. There was a landslide.
manyi [manyi, mangi] (fr. var. mangi) adj each; wanwan; Gh: mangi; H: manyi Ex: Wik manyi po. We go each week. manyi manyi