Kamasau - English


mbajeri n fem a green or blue beetle used as a pet and called nyombui by children; grinpela o blupela binatang; Gh: tubari, et wo; H: nawu ndrinyi; So: chi gromi
mbeni n fem 1the old layer of skin molted by snakes and lizards, discarded shell of crayfish, crabs and insects; namba wan skin; Gh: mbene; H: ane; So: imbeni [ɨmbeni] Ex: Ghati mbeni ir nuaq. The snake molted the first skin. 2a thin skin covering something eir mbeni
yu mbret
mbret n neut ringlets, curls; gras bilong man i tanim tanim; Gh: bret; H: yu chumreng [yu chumrengg] Ex: Nu yu mbret wumb. Your hair is curled in ringlets.
mbret namb vt he curls the hair; tanim gras bilong man i kamap paspas; H: yu chumreng vim [yu chumrengg vim]
mbuaq n head, upper end; antap
mbuaqi ab noun carry.from.head Ex: Righe ruso, kinyam kinyam wo kuaw wo kiqangri righe ruso, muqdi ni mingi ruaq, obo rindaw ruso, obo dugri, orait obo dugri ngawu pe mbuind wup nase, tami mbuaqi wumbi. All her relatives went down, placed her in the center, put a string bag on her head and put a tanget branch under the string bag string.
mbuaqi wumb
mbuaqi wumb vt she carries something hanging from a strap over the head; hangamap long het; Gh: mbua wumb, mbua wughe; H: mbuaqi wumb, mbuaqi wuri Ex: Tami mbuaqi wumbiq. She carries a string bag from a strap over her head.
mbuind n padding on the head; karamapim het