Kamasau - English



p- v 1.pl; yumi, mipela Ex: Beghi po, ane yembu. We went and stood with them.
paiqo n neut unpounded piece split off felled sago trunk see also: prise.
pang [panggu̥, pangg] n fem a shell; sel; Gh: paung [paungg]; H: pang [panggU]; So: mang chuqomi pang , eir pang , wapi pang
panje n masc a type of pandanus which grows in the swordgrass fields with white flowers and large inedible fruit; liklik lip arang
panju n fem the tail of a fish; tel bilong pis; Gh: baju; H: quewo Ex: Wuye umo buagi ni panju rise. Fish all have tails. umo ranyi panju
paqe adj broken; i bruk; Gh: mba, pua; H: paqa Ex: Mame puate sawo paqe wus. The ax blade is chipped. Ex: Nge lo paqe kuaq. I broke the law. Ex: Mame quang paqe wus. The handle of the machete is broken. see also: gure no.
paqi n masc a bat, a club, a carved piece of wood used as a weapon to kill things; hap limbum bilong kilim man o abus; Gh: pari; H: paq qui; So: pari Ex: Wapi cheme paqi pe bab. We kill bats with a bat.
pari adj flat, thin; brait; Gh: nep; H: dabri Ex: Dabo sare pari kin yeru. There are thin vines in the bush. Ex: Nyumo te pari bibig. We make thin planks of wood.
parwongreng (id. ofchach) n masc Emerald Monitor lizard; Gh: erwongreng; So: parwogregEmerald Monitor lizard (sem. domains: - Lizard.)
pas nare he arranges, puts them in order; putim wantaim; Gh: bat nare; H: pahi neri; So: bais nare vi 1he arranges Ex: Yaq pas nare. He arranges sago leaves in a pile to carry back. 2he arranges designs; poromanim mak Ex: Ane ur te pas miraq. They arrange designs in making an arm band.
pasim ab noun fasten, shut, stop; pasim Ex: Nambu ni ruso, ni kar pasim wundiq yequ, Joy kar pasim wundiq yequ, kati ki, ni teri wabe ne indi. They would go home, Joy would stop the car, I would get down, and they went in the house.
patiqe n m/f waist; sait; Gh: petiqe; H: pahiqe; So: big [bɨg]
pe see also: nde. ; Gh: mbo part 1to; long Ex: Beghi wuye pe po. We are going to the river. Ex: Ni wuny mbe ruso. They went to the garden. Ex: Nge moyu nde ko. I am going to my mother. 2with; wantaim Ex: Ni mame puate pe nyumo emare. They cut the tree down with an ax. 3on, at, in Ex: Kap matu pe wus. It is in the bottom of the cup. Ex: Nge qi pe ne kas. I am sitting on the ground. Ex: Buk baj pe wuse. The book is at/in the house.
pend adj cut, broken; i bruk; Gh: mbend; So: di Ex: Sare nen pend pu nase. This rope is nearly cut in two.
pend nawo, di nawo [dɨ nawo] vt he cuts something; katim wanpela samting; Gh: mbend nawo; H: nap Ex: Sare pend kuawo. You cut the ropes. Ex: Kakao gras di nawo. He is cutting grass in the cocoa garden. Ex: Wuti iri pend nawo. One man died.
pend ruso vi dawn, the first appearance of daylight in the morning, day breaks; tulait; H: pend ruho Ex: Ni di ruso segine nes newo. It was not yet dawn when they got up. see also: di ruso.
pendane n masc belt used as a decoration for traditional dances; paspas; Gh: ane maji Ex: Nyumbueg ire ni pendane sare tigam pe yembe wunduw. One woman made a belt from twisted string.
pendi n masc a type of palm that is poisonous to eat; wel limbum; Gh: pendi, woman; So: man Ex: Pendi nyum te wute maq di minyar mand. They ate the center of this type of palm and vomitted.
pendi gaj (id. ofgaj) n new shoot of pendi palm
pengu ab noun asking; askim
pengu nand [penggu] vt he asks, he asks someone something, he queries; askim; Gh: pengu nand, tiang niping [tiangg nipingg]; So: taing nap [taingg nap] Ex: Nu nge pengu gudigh. You asked me. Ex: Pengu mindim. They asked them. God pengu nindig
penjin n masc a type of palm with an edible portion; sotpela wel limbum; H: kenjin Ex: Penjin nyum segine ir puaq paq ye. We can take the center part of the penjin where new growth is and eat it.
perei nand vt he mocks, slanders; tok bilas; Gh: wand puri mand; So: parei neng Ex: Ni Jisas perei mindig. They mocked Jesus.
pereru n masc a flute made from bamboo; mambu musik; H: pareru Ex: Asi wari baj pe pereru pui muqond. Long ago they blew the flutes in the men's house.
peswo n fem inner leaf of palms covering the seeds; Gh: petwo; H: purngaq; So: jogru Ex: Ni no njoqu, puwo dubuiyi di serimboi peswo te dong nand. He went and collected the inner leaf from a black palm, betel nut, and two other palms. see also: jogru.