Kamasau - English



qam n m/f younger sibling see also: kiqam, qam, kiqam, niqam, niqam.
qam, kiqam, niqam [kɨqam, nɨqam] n m/f younger sibling, younger brother or sister; liklik brata o susa Ex: Nge qam griny nand. My younger brother is playing. Ex: Ni kiqam kambe wundi. Her younger sister came yesterday. Ex: Nu niqam num gureg. Your younger brother is sick. see also: kiqam, qam, niqam.
qat n fem boat, canoe, ship; sip; H: ah Ex: Qat wute rire ruso. Ships carry people. see also: umo qat.
qat kumo (id. ofumo qat) n larger crayfish; bikpela kindam; Gh: umo qat kumo; H: qah ire
qi₁ [] earth; graun; Gh: qi, ghi n fem 1ground, dirt, soil Ex: Qi wen chiraq wumb. This ground is sticky. 2land Ex: Ni qi ningg mari. They were angry about the land. qi os , qi tamb , qi
qi₂ (Bible term ofqi earth) n fem world
qi os (id. ofqi earth) n fem claypot, pottery; Gh: qi ot; H: qi oh
qi pe kin yumbo ur (Bible term ofyumbo ur) Bible Term conduct of the earth, human nature, sin nature; pasin bilong graun
qi puimb kiyi [qɨ pumbI kiyi] n masc ant hill, house of white ants, the spirit that lives in the ant hill; blakpela graun i gat anis i stap insait; Gh: qi nyo; H: kunhachi; So: kunese kiyi Ex: Qi puimb kiyi ni quari kin char pe mas di dabo kin ququ brequ tende mas ye. The black ant hills are in the bush and the evil spirits in the bush live there.
qi tamb (id. ofqi earth) n a strand of clay for making a clay pot; H: oh jugo
qiqo adj crosswise; Gh: uyo Ex: Nyumo ngimne qiqo pu kuse nipiq. A tree is across the path. Ex: Wo qiqo kuse. The child lies crosswise (inside the mother).
qo ab noun pulling; pulim Ex: Muqdi mune qo mand. Now they pull it again.
qo namb ; Gh: oyi nyamb vt 1he pulls something Ex: Wuti sare qo namb nare nambu nandi. The man came pulling the vine back home. see also: suguag namb. 2he stretches Ex: Ni ghimbi qo wumb. She is stretching her body.
qo nap vi it wilts, dries out Ex: Gras qo wup pre, tedi mbreng pipiq. When the grass has dried out, then we will sweep it. see also: chuqapi no, mese namb.
qow n neut yellow ground used as a pigment; yelopela graun; H: qowi Ex: Yumbo yumbo: ambo, qow te rire rindi. They bring different things: red seeds and yellow ground (for making designs on skin for traditional dances.) Ex: Wung redi mand, yumbo yumbo ambo qowi te rire rindi, redi rind, marepen munemb te rire rindi, redi rind, rirur, te rise muqdi wute gang. When they had gotten red and yellow dye and decorative trees ready for her, now and old woman.
qu ab noun sharpening Ex: Wuye Yumbui no, nas, qu nindiq. He went to Wiye Yumbui, sat down, and filed it. qu nand
qu namb v he makes a complete circle around something or someone; raunim samting
qu nand (qu) vt he rubs something to sharpen it, he files it; sapim; H: qu nuqond Ex: Mame puate qu wund. She is sharpening an ax.
quab nare vt he squeezes liquid out of something; milkim; Gh: nyi nap; H: riq nap Ex: Beghi chongo quab pare. We wring out the clothes. Ex: Ni iye nyiq quab wure. She squeezed the liquid out of the grated coconut.
quamb n neut handle, the butt end of something; handel Ex: Ni yir quamb pe gri nutuq wuse. He held the spear by the bottom end.
quan adj 1plenty, many, much; planti Ex: Wute quan yuwo pe rindi. Many people came to the party. Ex: Quan buagi ris. Many are living. 2very loudly Ex: Ni quan kumo mari. They talk very loudly. chongo quan quan
quane n a whole unit, an entire thing; olgeta yet Ex: Ni wapi bir nawo segi, quanene nawo ris. He did not split the birds open, he left them whole. Ex: Ni quanene naq. He ate the whole thing.
quang surem
quang n masc 1a hook used for hanging things; huk Ex: Tami quang pe yemu. The string bags are hung on a hook. 2a handle; stik tamiok Ex: Mame puate quang pe neq wuso. I gave her the ax by the handle. 3a digging stick, dibble; stik bilong digim graun Ex: Nge muar quang pe qumund gad. I dig up the ground with a dibble to get the yams. wari quang
quang namb vt he stirs; Gh: qang namb; H: quang neri Ex: Nge gos quang gibiq. I stir the cooked sago.
quang surem n masc sharpened pole to split off sections of sago palm trunk after it is felled in order to pound them; stik bilong saksak