Kamasau - English


wuge quat
quat n masc thorn, spine; nil; H: quah Ex: Wuge quat dobui. The spines of the sago stems are long. Ex: Sare quat puayi. The thorns on the vines are short.
quave n fem a type of ginger plant with edible seeds. The root is not eaten. The plant is used in a traditional ceremony to discuss the cause of someone's illness; gorgor; Gh: nyuam; So: chuqam Ex: Irembo quave yi naq ningg nandi. The bandicoot came to eat the seeds of the ginger plant. Alpinia or Tapeinochilus
quayi 1 n masc man; man Ex: Maprik nyumbueg quayi quan! There are many men and women in Maprik! 2 n masc an adult Ex: Ni quayi pu yenu kiyi nati. He was an adult when his father died. 3 adj male animal; H: quayi nyeh (male pig) Ex: Yamb pe pu quayi nar pu pas. A male pig was caught in the trap.
quayi kiyi₁ n masc elders, village leaders Ex: Quayi kiyi puwo quan me. The elders chew a lot of betel nut. quayi kiyi
quayi kiyi₂ (Bible term ofquayi kiyi) n masc elders
quayi wo n masc boy; pikinini man
queg nap ; So: queg nand vi 1he shouts loudly, whoops; singaut bilong amamas Ex: Ni nyumo mai kin meri bu queg map. They carry heavy trees so they whoop loudly to show that its not hard for them to do it. 2he barks; singaut bilong dok i go strong long wanpela samting Ex: Nyombui queg map. The dogs bark loudly at something.
queg ninduw vt he barks loudly at something; dok i singaut long samting Ex: Nyombui pu queg rinduw. The dogs bark at the pig.
quem adj white color; waitpela Ex: Nu sawo quem rimb. Your teeth are white. iny quemye , quem rimb , quemye
quem rimb (id. ofquem) vi starts to get light, just before sunrise; klostu tulait, kilia i kam Ex: Wapiqu mari quem rimb. When the roosters crow it starts to get light.
quemye₁ (id. ofquem) n m/f Europeans, white skinned people; H: quem kin
quemye₂ (id. ofye) adj white coloured
quenge n masc forehead, face; pes; Gh: ngawu bage, ngawu ghand; H: bage Ex: Nge quenge guduw segi. I didn't recognise her face. quenge nati
quenge nati (id. ofquenge) vi to have a sad face, to look unhappy; pes drai; H: bage choi nahi
quep nand vi he fishes by catching fish with his hands; kisim pis long han; Gh: wuye ti mare Ex: Wuye quep gad umo kat rise. I fished with my hands and grabbed the fish.
quet n masc a type of wild cane; supsup; Gh: nambar; H: kombu; So: wopiwo Ex: Quet te taqme kin pugri irepene yire pu di ni wokuandiwo. Quet like wild sugar cane grows all together in a clump, but it is smaller in diameter. see also: kombu.
quir nand vt to fasten something around something; So: wureq namb Ex: Chongo quir wundiq. She fastened the cloth around her. see also: wureq nindiq.
quir quar rind vt surrounded, crowded around; Gh: quir rinding Ex: Wuti iri nati bu wute buagi rindi quir quar rindig. A man died so many people came and surrounded him.
quir quir adv crooked; krungut nabaut Ex: Yanji quir quir mo ye. The wallaby runs crooked. Ex: Ngim quir quir wuso. The road is crooked. Ex: Muange quir riping. The legs were twisted at birth. Ex: Balus quir quir wundi. The plane came an indirect route.
qumund nand vt he digs up ground, especially for planting and harvesting crops; Gh: mund nand Ex: Ni qumund nand pre warbu neq wughe. He dug up the ground, then he planted the taro.
qunambe part side; sait; Gh: iyapre; H: unduambe Ex: Wuny rand qunambe vise. The garden is on the side of a mountain. see also: mit, sange.
qungu adj hanging; hangamap; Gh: krowyi; H: riri naghe Ex: Nyumbueg yaq ungu rind. The women hung the sago leaves in bundles with vine (to carry them). Kruse pe qungu muang
quongi [quonggi, quonji] n masc spoon; Gh: jab; H: quonji Ex: Beghi quongi pe mir bad. We eat with spoons.
quongi ngam [quonggi, quonji ngam] n fem a scoop made of half of a coconut shell; bikpela spun bilong skelim kaikai; Gh: chambe; H: quonji ngam; So: quonji ngam Ex: Moyu quongi ngam pe mir wuwo. My mother served the food with a scoop.
quongi tami [quonggi tami, quonji tami] n fem a small string bag for carrying a spoon and other necessities; liklik bilum bilong karim ol liklik samting; H: quonji hami Ex: Nge quongi tami baj pene wus. My string bag for spoons is in the house.