Kamasau - English



sabi ab noun fix, prepare; stretim, redim
sabi nand see also: oghisim nand. ; H: habi nand; So: oghisim nand vt 1he corrects, fixes; stretim Ex: Wase te sabi mindiny. They fix the fires. see also: oghisim nand. 2he heals; oraitim sikman; Gh: oghiti nunduw Ex: Jisas ni wo num ye ire sabi nunduw di oghi pu wus. Jesus healed a sick girl and she was well.
sage n fem a bunch of fruit, a large quantity of fruit see also: mang. puwo sage , wane sage
sagh rip vi something is inadequate, in short supply; i sot; Gh: waiyi bab Ex: Nge wuye kare gadi kin sagh rip bu aye mune kare gadi. The water I brought was inadequate, so I brought some more.
salim ab noun sending; salim Ex: Orait wand salim mand, ni wundi. Alright, they sent word and she came.
sam n masc loincloth made of pounded tree bark; mal; Gh: tuam; H: ham Ex: Koku sam sapi eneri sam dang nand ningg. The ancestors cut down a special tree in order to pound a loin cloth. sam sapi
sam sapi [H: hapuih] (id. ofsam) n name of a tree whose bark is used for making a loin cloth; H: hapui; So: samsuar
sambonar n masc a traditional tool like a shovel used for removing grass and digging ditches; savol bilong tumbuna; Gh: chambonar; H: hambonar Ex: Sambonar te ni wuge nab pe yembe munduw. They made this tool from the bark of the sago palm (or from the quar palm.) Ex: Sawol taq sambonar tende ni karas puaq rind. Their shovel was the sambonar and with that they removed grass.
sambro n masc protector, helper; man i karim pen bilong narapela; Gh: tambro; H: hambro; So: sombre Ex: Ko sambro gudoq pre. I went and saw the one who protected her.
sambro nase vi to do something on behalf of someone else; kisim ples bilong narapela bilong karim pen; Gh: tambro nate; H: hambro naha Ex: Nu sambro kuase. You did something on her behalf. Ex: Quayi kiyi wokuandi yas muang, bu kumo sambro wuse. The village leaders beat the boy, so his mother came to take the punishment for him. Jisas beghi ningg sambro nase
sambu ; Gh: chambu; H: hambru part 1a substitute used instead of something else Ex: Ni wand nand kin sambu te si pene yumbo ur nand. In place of talking he made signs by using his hands. 2something is used in the place of something else; wanpela i kisim ples bilong narapela Ex: Sipsip mamb kin sambu te Jisas oyi mi. In place of killing sheep they killed Jesus.
sambu nap vi he is so upset nothing pleases him; man o samting i senis; H: hambu nap, merevi nand Ex: Ni num gureg bu yumbo ningg sambu nap. He was sick so nothing would calm him. see also: tevi nand.
sami kati [samɨ kati] vi it is numb, tingles as blood starts to return to it; lek i dai; Gh: tami wumb; H: bih kahi [bɨh kahi] Ex: Nge nyinge sami kati. My leg feels numb.
sandi, sire [sɨre] adj very tall; longpela tru; Gh: tanj; H: hire, dobui Ex: Nyumo sandi pe wapi riwo ris. The birds are sitting in a very tall tree. Ex: Tiqe yabe puwo di iye sire yerune. In the old village site there are very tall betel nut and coconut trees.
sang nand [sang, srang] vt he cuts off the branches that stick out from the main trunk; katim han bilong diwai; Gh: pua nand; H: hang nand Ex: Mame bidi pe wariqamo puiq sang gad. I clear off the bumps around the septum of the bamboo with a machete. see also: puaq nand 1.
sang nap [sangg nap] vt he asks for something; askim long samting; Gh: tange nap [tangge nap]; H: hang nap [hangg nap] Ex: Ni wasebo sang rip ruso. They went to ask for some tobacco.
sange [sangge] part beside; long sait bilong samting; Gh: iyapre, tiange; H: hange Ex: Wuny rand sange pe yenu. The garden is on the side of a mountain. Ex: Unyumo wuge nab sange pe opu mawo kughe. They put the crossed sticks beside the sago bark. see also: mit, qunambe.
sanyi [sanyi, sangi] n masc mango; mango; Gh: utanyi; H: hanyiMangifera indica (sem. domains: 1.5.1 - Tree, - Food from fruit, 1.5.5 - Parts of a plant.) sanyi cheqe
sanyi cheqe (id. ofsanyi) n very young fruit; kulau mango; Gh: cha; H: hanyi huguag (sem. domains: 1.5.5 - Parts of a plant.)
saq n thin horizontal sticks attached to supporting poles that support black palm sheath where pounded sago pulp sits
saqdib n seed pod (7-8 cm) from nyumo dib, used for grating ginger; wanpela frut bilong diwai see also: nyumo dib. (sem. domains: 1.5.1 - Tree, 6.7 - Tool, - Steps in food preparation.)
saqme n masc the long red edible fruit (40-50 cm) which grows on the cultivated pandanus tree, the tree has spines on the leaves and trunk and is called by the same name as the fruit; marita; Gh: tame; H: haqme; So: wuraing Ex: Ni saqme ri naghe. They cook the pandanus fruit. (sem. domains: - Palm Tree, - Food from fruit.)
sare n masc vine, rope; rop; Gh: tare; H: hare Ex: Sare bir mawo. They split a vine lengthwise. (sem. domains: 1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine.) sare poir , sare quayi nuang , sare yi
sare burori n vine connecting sticks that support the black limbum sheaths of sago platform (sem. domains: 1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine.)
sare gagriwo n masc the bark of a plant used as a rope to tie the sago roof on; rop bilong pasim morota; Gh: tare gagriwo, tare nyiambre; H: hare puahibuew; So: munambre Ex: Sare gagriwo pe yaq rang bab. We sew the sago leaves in sheets for roofing with this type of plant bark. (sem. domains: 1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine.)