Kamasau - English



singe [singge] n masc fish trap, woven basket used to trap fish; basket bilong kisim pis; Gh: tinge; H: hinge [hingge] Ex: Beghi singe wuye pe pi righe ei umo bab ningg. We put a fish trap down into the water so that we can catch fish.
singem [singgem] n masc shin; wanpela bun bilong lek; Gh: tinjem; H: hinjem singem ngape
singem ngape (id. ofsingem) n masc shin bone, tibia
singew [singgew] n fem a type of pandanus with small seeds and small spines on the trunk and leaves; bikpela aran bilong bus; Gh: tinjew [tɨnjew]; H: hinjew Ex: Ni singew meri no bojrang puaq nindiq ningg. He went to hunt for pandanus in order to remove the outer bark (to use for making the roof of a house).
singing nindiq [singing nɨndiq] vt he blows his nose; rausim kus; Gh: tingi nindi; H: nguruh nundoq; So: singiq nindiq Ex: Nge wariqo singing gidiq. I blow my nose to remove mucous.
singrambo [singgrambo] n fem a tree whose bark is used to make string bags and to make white fibers for grass skirts; diwai rop bilong mekim bilum; Gh: trambo; H: hmawuq
sinyembe ; Gh: tinyembe; H: hurembe n masc 1stair, steps; step 2ladder; lada Ex: Nge sinyembe pe kewo ko. I go up the ladder/ stairs.
sinyeq see also: wuge sinyeq. n fem platform for washing sago
siqe n neut the sides and back of the neck; baksait nek; Gh: numbut; H: hiqe, rohu see also: sumbut.
siqe rip vt it fits exactly, it is exactly right; Gh: ti wup; H: hiqe rip Ex: Mame puate quang pe keq wuso siqe wup bu wuse. I put the handle in the ax and it fits snugly.
siqi namb vi he is excited; amamas; Gh: tiyi rimb; H: hiqi namb Ex: Nyombui dabo ruso ningg siqi rimb. Because they are going to the bush, the dogs are excitedly anticipating it.
siqori adv indistinctly, inconclusively, slight movement; mekim nais; Gh: titori; H: hiqori; So: soqori Ex: Wute nganye muqond segi, siqorine muqond. They didn't see the men, they just saw a slight movement.
sir ab noun preparing; redim
sir kew n black palm sheath used to hold pounded sago pulp ready to be washed on sago platform
sir nap vi he prepares; redim samting; Gh: tir nap; H: hir nap Ex: Yumbo sir kap. I prepare the things.
sir nap nap vi he writhes in pain, keeps on suffering; pilim pen na tanim tanim; Gh: tir nap nap; H: hir nap nap Ex: Ni sir nap nap be nati. He kept on suffering, being uncomfortable in every position, then he died.
sirati [sɨratɨ, srati] n neut a large trench used long ago to keep enemies from entering a village; wokim baret bilong pait; Gh: nimbe [nɨmbe]; H: hirehi Ex: Asi tiqe qunambe sirati mawo ei te veri mar mo tuqui segi. Long ago they dug large trenches so that their enemies wouldn’t be able to go inside the village.
siratu namb [sratu namb] vi he has a muscle cramp; masel i tait; Gh: tiratu rimb; H: hirahu nand Ex: Ni si suramb siratu rimb. His fingers have a muscle cramp.
sirembo n masc a sign or mark on a body showing why that person is sick or died (traditional belief); mak, kau; Gh: tiriambo; H: hirembo Ex: Beghi nei bab ni nati kin sirembo raqene rise. We know how he died because the sign on his body is clear.
siri ab noun spitting; spet
siri nap vi he spits out a liquid, traditionally used as a form of magic; spetim; Gh: burut nand; H: prir nuqond, hiri nap Ex: Ni puwo nyiq nyumo pe siri nap. He spit betelnut on the tree.
sirkewo n masc name of the black palm sheath where pounded sago is dumped to be washed; limbum bilong kapsaitim meme bilong saksak; Gh: ngowur; H: cherihewo; So: sirgoid Ex: Wuge kinyawo sirkewo pe groq mand pu sinyeq pe yeru. They dumped the pounded sago pulp on the black palm sheath so it stood on the sago platform.
sit n seat; sit Ex: O spring bet pe sit pe pas. Oh we sat on the seat with springs.
sivi namb vi it itches; mosong; Gh: tivi namb; H: huwiyeng nahi Ex: Weg wase sivi gub. Breadfruit wood causes itching.
siwaru adv (have child) for the first time; nupela taim long mama i karim pikinini see also: sonu.