Kamasau - English



tab yuwod [tabyuwod, tabyuod] n masc house posts, tall main posts that support the roof and walls of a house; pos man; Gh: tab; H: habri yod; So: tre yod Ex: Tabyuwod mi maghe. They stand the main posts up. see also: yuwod.
tamb n string; rop bilong wokim bilum; H: hamb Ex: Ni tamb wup. She is making string by twisting fibers together.
tambye n friend, playmate; poroman; Gh: kimand [kɨmand] Ex: Beghi bon tambye ane griny pe po. We go to play with our own friends. see also: mand. ane tambye wand
tami n masc string bag; bilum; H: hami Ex: Wute buagi unyup tami yembe rind. Many women make string bags starting at the bottom and working up. nyup tami , big tami , botmo tami , sawu tami, timendu tami , tami ke , tami kiyi , tami timendu , tami wund , wase tami , wo tami
tami ke (id. oftami) n a row of stitches in a string bag
tami kiyi (id. oftami) n masc a row of closely woven stitches used as decoration around the middle of some string bags; H: hami ngiyi
tami timendu (id. oftami) n masc the strap of a string bag; sling bilong bilum; H: hami himrendu
tami wumb vt she makes a string bag; em i wokim bilum; Gh: tami ti wunj; H: hami wumb
tami wund (id. oftami) n fem the holes in the stitches of a string bag see also: wund.
tamo wane (id. ofwane) n masc a kind of banana eaten without cooking
tamu part below; daunbilo; Gh: tingi; H: hamu Ex: Ni tamu nas. Nge nange kas. He is sitting below. I am sitting above. see also: nambu, sumanyi.
tan n neut sword grass; kunai; Gh: ndigh; H: han Ex: Irembo tan pe mase ye. Bandicoots are living in the sword grass. Ex: kambe beghi tan wase kuaqmu Buadu po ningg Yesterday we went in order to to burn the kunai at ... someplace ... at Buadu . Imperata arundinacea (sem. domains: 1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine.) tan tubugi
tan tubugi [dɨghbu] (sp. var. tubuji) (id. oftan) n a type of tall grass which grows in the sword grass; H: han dighbu; So: tan buji (sem. domains: 1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine.)
tangegamyi [tanggegamyi] n scorpion; Gh: pori muange [muangge]; H: hangegim [hanggegɨm]; So: tangegeme (sem. domains: - Insect.)
tangi kughe [tanggɨ] vi it seeps, it drips out; slek go daun; Gh: chighe wuto; H: hangi kughe [hanggi] Ex: Wuye qi pe tange kughe. The water seeps down in the ground.
taq₁ dem this; dispela; Gh: da; H: te Ex: Muq taq pre. Now this is done.
taq₂ ab noun tying; pasim taq namb
taq namb (taq, naimb, nimbiq, namb, *aimb) vt he fastens, ties; pasim; Gh: ta namb; H: haq namb Ex: Pu taq wumbiq. You tie the pig. Ex: Nying taq wumb. She wore a grass skirt. see also: wand taq mamb.
taq te dem that; em ya; Gh: dade; H: taq qa te Ex: Nge kambe kari kin buk taq te wuse. That is the book that I talked about yesterday.
taq yenu vi he is imprisoned; em i stap kalabus; Gh: ta yenu; H: haq yenu Ex: Nge wokuandi segi taq yenu. They are holding/ imprisoning my child in jail for no reason. wuti aye nde taq pu yemu yembe mand ye
taqi namb vt he ties things together; ropim samting; Gh: tai namb; H: haqi ni
taqme n masc wild sugarcane; pitpit; Gh: ndiame; H: tameSaccharum spontaneum (sem. domains: 1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine.)
tari righe vi 1is low pitched; nek i go daun; Gh: chighe; H: hari righe Ex: Nge wariqo kiraq bu gibe tari righe. I have a cold, so my voice is low pitched. 2is malnourished; i no kamap gut; Gh: ghe righe Ex: Warbu tari righe. The taro is malnourished.
tave nande vt he applies a poultice, he applies heated leaves to the skin for medicinal purposes; boinim lip na putim long skin; Gh: diabe nande Ex: Nyunguabu raqe wase wurai wunde, tave wunde. After heating plant leaves in a fire, she put the poultice on her.
te dem that/those; em; Gh: de Ex: Te pughe? What is that? Ex: Nge wand tene muqdi pre. That is my talk now, it is done.