Kamasau - English


umb [umbi̥] n masc the part of a palm tree where the fronds begin, including the new shoots; the green shoots of a taro or pineapple plant Ex: Wokuandi puwo umb yasmo pe baq mindiny. The boys threw spears at the part of the the betel nut tree where the fronds branch out. see also: nyum. wuge umb
umbo the insides; bel n fem 1the stomach Ex: Mir kuregh, umbo kuri. I'm hungry, my stomach is grumbling. 2the heart: the innermost part of a person including his thoughts, ideas and emotions umbo brequ kuse , umbo brequ rise , umbo irene kuse , umbo ker nawo , umbo kumo nand , umbo mare mitinde , umbo neng kughe , umbo oghine kuse, yuwon gud, yuwon kuse , umbo quang rimbig , umbo uyi kure , umbo wase kuse
umbo baj (id. ofbaj) n fem toilet; smol haus
umbo bidi n spleen, when enlarged; lewa syn: mir imb.
umbo brequ kuse (id. ofumbo the insides) vi feel bad towards someone, want to get something and can't; bel kros; Gh: umbo breko wute; H: umbo brequ kuhe
umbo brequ rise (id. ofumbo the insides) vi he is sick so his stomach feels bad; he has no appetite; bel bagarap
umbo che n fem faeces, excrement; pekpek; Gh: umbo; H: umbo Ex: Ni umbo che nuaq. He defecated.
umbo gawo n fem buttocks; as umbo gawo omone
umbo gawo omone (id. ofumbo gawo) adj naked; as nating; Gh: bugawo amone
umbo irene kuse (id. ofumbo the insides) vi to agree about something, to come to a compromise; wan bel; Gh: umbo irene wute; H: umbo irene kuhe
umbo ker nawo₁ (id. ofker nawo) vi He gets angry.
umbo ker nawo₂ (id. ofumbo the insides) vi he is mad, angry; em i kros; H: umbo brequ kuhe, yeng wand nand
umbo kumo nand (id. ofumbo the insides) vi he is troubled; tingting planti
umbo mare mitinde (id. ofumbo the insides) Bible Term they repented; senisim tingting, tanim bel; H: umbo mare hinde
umbo mim n fem the anus; hul pekpek; Gh: umbo gawo kowi
umbo neng kughe (id. ofumbo the insides) vt he comforted/encouraged him; givim bel isi tok; Gh: umbo neng wughe
umbo ngam, umbo quem n the small intestines; liklik bel; Gh: umbo dobui; H: umbo ngam
umbo ngamo n fem a toilet, the hole used for burying the placenta after a delivery; smol haus
umbo oghine kuse, yuwon gud, yuwon kuse (id. ofumbo the insides) vi he is at peace, he is not angry or afraid; i no bel hat o pret; Gh: umbo yuwonne wute, oghine wute; H: umbo huan kuhe, yawon pu kuhe
Umbo pe nei brequ bre pu rise muq nange ving yumbo ur oghi kin yembe rindiny (Bible term ofnei) Bible Term they act hypocritically, think one thing and do another.
umbo puate n fem the rectum; as bilong pekpek; Gh: umbo mbori; H: umbo puaha
umbo quang rimbig (id. ofumbo the insides) adj nauseated; bel i tanim tanim; Gh: umbo ri righe rundo rindi; H: umbo quang reng Ex: Gherim seme meraq wuso di ni umbo quang rimbig. The rough sea tossed and his stomach was upset.
umbo quari n fem the large intestines; liklik bel
umbo tiqe, umbo tete [umbo tɨqe, tete] n fem the stomach; bikpela bel; Gh: umbo tee; H: umbo hiqe
umbo toqu nand (id. oftoqu nand) vi his stomach is enlarged; bik bel