Kamasau - English


v- v 3.ling.pl Ex: Imb mamb pre, mare mandi, dabo suqo mare pu yevu. After they wrapped it they brought it and hid it (sap) in the bush. Ex: Opu mawo vighe, kuse, nyumo mi kughe. After standing them up, they put in some logs.
van nand [van nand, ghan nand] see also: ghan nand. vt he stops a fight, breaks up a fight; brukim pait; Gh: van nand; H: van nand; So: van nand Ex: Nyumbueg teri rege bu ire wundo van wund. Two women were fighting so a woman went to them and stopped the fight.
vand ab noun smoking; smok
vand miraq vt they dry meat by smoking it over a fire; smokim abus; Gh: wate raw; H: vand mireq Ex: Pu jebe pe vand riraq. They dry the pig on the rack (above a smoking fire).
vang [vangg] n neut a protective fence with a gate in it; strongpela banis i gat dua; Gh: vang [vanggU]; So: wag Ex: Yabe yir puayi koku ni mas kin tiqe pe vang opu opu mi righe. Long ago when our ancestors fought with spears they put up big fences on each side of the village where they lived.
vaqi nap vt he saves, uses things carefully; lukautim samting gut; Gh: vayi nap; H: vaqi nawo rih Ex: Ni wet bidi vaqi nap nap. He saves up money.
ven dem this; dispela; Gh: wen; H: ven Ex: Beghi wane wo ven wase bade pe. We'll cook this little banana and eat it. see also: nen.
veng nindiq [veng nindɨq] vi an animal pants; sot win; Gh: ghapo nindiq; H: ghep tiq Ex: Nyombui veng rindiq. The dogs pant.
veri n masc enemy; birua Ex: Ni veri ane mege. They fight with their enemies.
vig namb [vɨg namb] vi he runs; ron; Gh: wig namb; H: big namb Ex: Vig ghamb yo. Run!
viq [vɨq] n a kind of long, narrow grass found in the deep bush; gras bilong bus; H: wurup
vis nand no [vɨs nand no] vi something is out of balance so it takes a curving and unpredictable path; Gh: pri newo; H: vih nand no Ex: Ni mai newo segi bu nyinge nare kin vis nand no. He is not heavy so when he walks he takes a curving and unpredictable path.