Kamasau - English



w-₁ v 2.pl; yupela Ex: beghi nungoqi tequ wandi we...you two came Ex: Muq ni quayi nyumbueg simbe nindiny, nari, "Nungoqi nyamb buagi ane buk pe wuso nuqondi, wo tedi taq yequ." Now he told the men and women, "Your names are in the book and he sees it (the book) then you will go to prison."
w-₂ v 3.f.sg Ex: Ni wuri, "Taq te nginy tu pe te wuso." She said, "It [the plane] went to the clouds." Ex: Umbo pe baq nunduw pre yequ. After he hit her in the belly, she stood.
w-₃ v imp.2.pl Ex: Nungoqi wandi. You come.
wabe n neut the inside of something; insait; Gh: wuy, baj wuy Ex: Nge wabe ko. I am going inside (the house).
waghi [waghɨ] adv quietly, carefully; isi isi Ex: Waghine ghas. You sit quietly. Ex: Waghi waghi yaghe yo. Go down carefully. waghi nand no, waghi ninduw , wand waghi ninduw
waghi nand no, waghi ninduw (id. ofwaghi) vi he approaches quietly, secretly; i go isi isi
Waipo, Charkuanmo n fem a female spirit believed to have helped in creation along with Songroiq Ex: Waipo te char kuan wuwo kin wute. Waipo is the one who planted the bush. see also: Songroiq.
wam part above; antap Ex: Buk wam gri wus. It is above the book.
wam kuraip (id. ofkuraip) n people who are good at climbing; gutpela man bilong go antap long diwai
wambi n fem a type of tree like a black palm; wel limbum bilong wokim tumbuna sol; H: wuge wambi; So: wambiyi wambi bade
wambi bade (id. ofwambi) n a specific type of this tree whose trunk is burned to make traditional salt; So: wambi ghat
wambog adv very high; antap tru; H: minge puayi Ex: Wapi minewuk pripri nyumo wambog ei ris. Doves always sit very high in the trees.
wamyi n masc middle sago sheath used when washing sago to catch the starch; namba tu limbum; Gh: wamyi; H: nange hop; So: wamdoqu
wand n neut talk, speech Ex: Beghi wand segi. We don't have anything to say. wand bir nawo , wand chichi vindi/vuso , wand gre neny , wand irepene nutungu , wand kumo mand , wand kumo mbori nuaq , wand mar pu yemu , wand menare ruso , God ane wand , God ningg wand rise kin buk , wand bei neny , wand nare tiq segi , Wand Yuwon ye
wand bei neny (Bible term ofwand) vt he teaches them; lainim ol long toktok
wand bir nawo (id. ofwand) vi he teaches about something that is new, he clarifies the message, he preaches from God's talk; autim tok
wand brequ nand vt he talks badly about someone; tok nogut long narapela; Gh: wand breko nand Wute God wand brequ rindig
wand buag nare (id. ofbuag nare) vi misleading people by telling them other information; haitim tok
wand buraqi nireng [wand braqɨ nɨrengg] vt he gives a negative command; givim tok lukaut; Gh: wand quari neng; H: wand mirah nireng Ex: Ni wo buraqi nireng pu nas ni no. He told his son not to do unacceptable things then he left. see also: yeri nindig.
wand cham nand vt he imitates what someone else says, sometimes as a joke; Gh: wand tabini Ex: Peter kimand wand cham nindig. Peter imitated what his friend said. Ex: Wo temi griny wand pe oyi oyi wand cham mand. When the two boys were joking they imitated each other. see also: wand sonyi nand.
wand chichi vindi/vuso (id. ofwand) vi a message which has been relayed through several people to a distant location; skruim tok i kam; Gh: wand chichi wunj/wuto; So: wand juju
wand gre neny (id. ofwand) vi to give evidence or proof, to make an oath; strongim tok; Gh: wand uriang neny; So: wand ureng neny
wand irepene nutungu (id. ofwand) vi to respect his talk, obey at once; harim tok; Gh: wand ire mbone nutungu Ex: Ni wand irepene rutungu bu skul yembe pe ruso. They obeyed at once so they went to do the school work.
wand kumo mand [mindingg] (id. ofwand) vi they complain; toktok planti; Gh: wik minding
wand kumo mbori nuaq (id. ofwand) vi he talks a lot; toktok planti; Gh: wand quan nand