Kamasau - English


yabe part 1long ago, before; longtaim bipo Ex: Yabene no pre. He went a long time ago. Ex: Yabe ni num gureg. He has been sick for a long time. 2already Ex: O yabe wonji wuso. Oh, it had already gone a long way away. yabe tiqe
yabe tiqe (id. ofyabe) n village where people lived many years ago; olpela ples
yagh n masc native taro; taro kongkong (sem. domains: - Food from roots, 1.5.5 - Parts of a plant.) yagh nyimi , yagh nyom
yagh nyimi [tɨmegh] (id. ofyagh) n a type of long taro; H: timegh (sem. domains: - Food from roots, 1.5.5 - Parts of a plant.)
yagh nyom (id. ofyagh) n a type of native taro with many colors; tumbuna taro; H: yagh huan (sem. domains: - Food from roots, 1.5.5 - Parts of a plant.)
yai, kiyangri, nyuangri n fem cross cousins, female cross cousins, mother’s brother’s and father’s sister’s female children; kandere; H: nyaqangri see also: kiyangri; see also: nyuangri.
yam n neut leaf; bikpela lip; Gh: chiram [chɨram]; H: chiram [chɨram] (sem. domains: 1.5.5 - Parts of a plant.) wane yam
yamb₁ part 1the day after tomorrow; hap tumora Ex: Yamb di po. The day after tomorrow we will go. 2soon, about to; klostu Ex: Nati yamb tumo. He is about to die. Ex: Wute gang ire burpoq wuse wuse, yamb wutungu wutungu, 4 klok pugri pe muqdi wes wuyo, yir puate ire wutaq wi. An old woman waited at night, when it was almost morning, about 4 o'clock, she got up and got a short spear.
yamb₂ ab noun desire, purpose; laik Ex: Buagi ane mandi kin te olsem Wau o Kamasau wute mandi ni mundoq yamb mandi kin te mir bure mand, tumbui meri. They all from Wau or Kamasau came, those who came to see her they opened the food and divided it.
yamb₃ n neut trap (pig) pu yamb
yamb no vt he searches for something, goes in order to do something; em i painim sampela samting Ex: Wand riri rindi tedi beghi quanj yamb ruso. If they had told us we would have gone to mourn with them. Ex: Ipiki yamb wuso. She went to hunt for rats.
yamb wute (id. ofpu yamb) n the name of the rope used to hold the pig trap door open; H: yamb wuhe
yambgriq 1 part the next day; de i kam bihain; Gh: yamb gri Ex: Burpoq pase, yambgriq burane beghi po. During the night we slept, the next day during the morning we went. 2 adv first light; moning tru
yambu ab noun dislike; no laikim Ex: Te buqod yambu pari, te kin it rise. If we didn't like it we left it. yambu nari , yambu nireng
yambu nari (yambu) vi he doesn't want to do something; i no laik; Gh: ambi nari Ex: Nge ko yambu kari. I do not want to go.
yambu nireng [nirengg] (yambu) vt he dislikes someone, hates someone; em i no laikim narapela; Gh: ambi niring; H: yambu ring Ex: Beghi ni yambu bireg. We dislike him.
yanji [yanji, yanggi] n masc a wallaby, there are two kinds: the one living in the kunai is brown, the Dusky Padmelon. The one living in the forest stays on the ground. It is grey, about the size of a dog with a white stripe on its back, the White-striped Dorcopsis; sikauWhite-striped Dorcopsis (sem. domains: - Marsupial.)
yaq n fem sago leaves; morota; Gh: ya Ex: Ni yaq miraq wughe. They put the sago leaves on the roof. see also: sinambri. yaq yu
yaq nyumo n lower horizontal roof poles on top of rafters to support sago leaves; diwai i holimapim lip bilong saksak antap long haus
yaq yu (id. ofyaq) n a ridgecap made of woven sago fronds; Gh: ya yu, ya dup
yaranji n neut placenta of a human baby; hap bel bilong pikinini see also: wo grab.
yari [yarɨ] n fem sago swamp; bus saksak Ex: Ni yarine yeru. They are still in the sago swamp.
yas n masc bare branches of a tree; Gh: yat; H: yah Ex: Yas pe neti newo. He beats him with a branch. see also: neti newo 1. wuge yas
yas mbreng n masc flowers from a black palm tree which are used as a broom; plaua bilong limbum; Gh: yat mbreng; H: mbrenji
yas nand vt he splits something; Gh: bir nawo; H: yah nand Ex: Sare yas bad. We split the vine lengthwise. see also: bir nawo 1.