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oyi [oyi, oi] in response part 1he returns the favor or takes revenge; bekim Ex: Ni iringe weng bu oyi puwo new. She gave him betel nut pepper, so he gave her betel nut in exchange. Ex: Nge ghav gidig bu ni oyi nand. I helped him so he returned the favor. Ex: Oti oyine mi. Later they will kill in return. 2answering; bekim tok Ex: Nu nyamb rang di ni oyi nand. You call his name and he will answer. Ex: Ni oyi wuri, "Nge kap ruso ghari. Answering she said, "I don't know.
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umomuate wapi see also: wapi umomuate. n masc birds that are always flying, swiftlets, possibly both the Uniform Swiftlet and Glossy Swiftlet; Gh: wapi umomuate; H: wapi meri mbangu ; So: wutuqwo Ex: Umo tindaq wuso wapi wuse, te ningg mari umomuate wapi. A fish changed into a bird, that's how it got its name. Collocalia vanikorensis and esculenta (PL28#4,5) (sem. domains: - Bird.)
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wapi wase dugu pari n fem the Hooded Monarch (PL38#18); Gh: wapi wate dugu puari; H: wapi waha gub pariyi Ex: Ni nari, “Ching chang ching chang”, di brequne no nyumo aye pe nas. He calls out and quickly goes to sit in another tree. Monarcha manadensis (sem. domains: - Bird.)
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