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akbótNounCloth rucksack carried on the back or slung over a shoulder.
akdángActive Verb-om-1, -enTo jump across, as a stream.Akdángem din detík.Jump across the stream.See alsoagpáwlagtólakik-ílaktáwpadtóktámboy 2toldókoy
akét1ParticleIndicates surprise.Yakénet ad-adóy ab-abtén da.Lo and behold they were meeting many (people).table linkbaw Particles of Surprise2QuestionWhy, how come? This kind of question generally indicates a desire to know the reason for or origin of something, mingled with a strong element of surprise on the part of the questioner.Akét adí ka inalásaw din begás mo?Why didn't you rinse the rice?
ákewActive Verbmang-, -om-4, -enTo steal.
akéypaActive Verbnan-To be at a slightly different level, as terraces, people of different height, overlapping sheets.Din beéy ay nay, nan-akéypa.This house, it's on different levels (2 levels of roof).See alsosagtón
akílyosActive Verb-enTo ask all of a group to do somethingAkilyósem daidá ay omáli.Ask them all to come.
akin oblántisNounEmployer.
akípActive Verb1-om-1, -enTo climb, as a tree.2i-To climb a tree while holding something as a knife or rope.See alsokalábkalapkápkebáskiyáng 3paskádpaskítsakyábsalogsógtíkid 2
akkámNounSticks or twigs lying about that are swept up as rubbish.
akkikíNounDusky mannikin (Lonchura fuscans).specbodíng
akláng1NounTraditional costume consisting of wrap-around skirt and blouse.2Active Verbman-To put on a wrap-around skirt and blouse.3Active Verbi-To dress someone in a wrap-around skirt and blouse.Overlaping Synonymbangkódomember of setbangkódoinakgolínglammá
aklátNounAny of various small handbags and knapsacks having handle or strap amd lid or other closure.
akláwatActive Verb1man-To climb on, as bean vines up a pole.2man-To climb or move about up in the trees, as from one branch or tree to another.
aklóngActive Verb1-om-4, -enTo have a hankering, craving for something, esp. food or drink.Omaklóng din aníto si tápey.The spirits crave rice beer.2-om-1,3, -anTo desire someone.See alsolagádingngínaw
akmóActive Verb-anTo lick off, as spoon, fingers.See alsodíladiládiltidlá
ákobNounWoven, covered basket used for storing dry things, as blankets, dried fish.specbáskit
akódNounFlat wooden spatula used for scooping rice from a pot.
akóo1NounBad smell, stink.2Active Verbman-To be smelly, to have a bad smell, to stink.Man-akóo kanó din wáda sin malakóng.What's in the bowl reportedly has a bad smell.3Active Verb-anTo make something smelly, as by mixing a smelly food in with another one.Synonymágob
ákopActive Verb-enTo pick up several small objects at once, using both hands.See alsoagákopgamétgígingomóngpíditsapíditsapódot
aksíw1NounPole used for carrying loads.2Active Verb-om-4, -en(For one person) to carry suspended from a pole over the shoulder.specegénSee alsobatáwil
ála1Active Verbtake, get
ála2miscO'clock; used before the numeral una
álabActive Verbman-To graze, eat grass.See alsogamdót