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allolóng1NounTemporary sun shelter, such as leafy branches stuck in ground.2Active Verbmang-, i-To erect, use to erect a sun shelter.3Active Verb-anTo shade someone or something from the sun, as pigs, new plants.Inallolongán das tóbon di balát.They shaded them with banana leaves.Énak omá si iallolóng takó.I'll go get something to use in erecting a sun shelter.Adí kayó dedán mangallolóng et sánay linomdáng san kítong yo.You don't erect a sun shelter, and so there of course your foreheads have become sunburned.See alsobáwi1lidómsidómtambóbong
alnápNounPlain; level area.
al-óNounPestle.(typically used with losóng “mortar”)
alobáyanNounYard, cleared area around house.
alódos1NounNarrow trail along something, as a terrace wall.2Active VerbTo walk back and forth along the road, as someone with nothing to do.-om-1 + CVCV3Active Verb-enTo follow any level but narrow passage or trail, as road, raised border of terraced field.4Active Verbi-To take oneself or something else along such a trail.Alodósem din banéng.Follow the border of the paddy field.Ialódos mo sin dingdíng.Take (yourself) along the narrow trail by the wall.See alsodad-ándankalsádasebáng 35NounBase, as of a cliff.6Active Verbpa-To place alongside the base of somethingPaalódos mo sin dingdíng.Place it alongside the wall.
alollotíitNounSmall field lizard.See alsobaníyaskalapakáptabtabaán
álongActive VerbTo have a nosebleed.Synonymalléngman- + CV
alónsodActive Verb1-om-1To slant; to fall in a slanting position.2pa...enTo set something at a slant, as a ladder against the house.Inmalónsod din káiw sin kalsáda, isónga adí makadán din bas.The tree feel at a slant across the road, so the bus cannot proceed.Paalonsódem din agdán ta adí matokáng.Set the ladder at a slant so it doesn't fall over.See alsodolyón
alonsódanAdjectiveLong, well-shaped, of noses.
alópActive Verbi-To align something, place something along another object, as a broken arm along a splint.Synonymlakáp
aloppaísNounDried outer sections of the trunk of a banana plant.See alsobalátbóliglangás 2ogsósápad 2
álos1Active Verb-en, i-To methodically check, go over something.Estén da ay mangiálos sin insólat da mo kostó.They thoroughly go over what they wrote as to whether it is correct.En da alósen mo sínoy dipíkto na.They will go methodically check it (bus) as to what its mechanical problem may be.i- is used mostly of mental checking.See alsopidwátótotowáng2
álos21NounContribution.2Active Verbman-, -enTo solicit contributions.Iyát da en man-álos takó pála sin piyásta ta wáda di kanén din bisíta.They said we were to solicit contributions for the fiesta so there would be something for the visitors to eat.Alósen yo ámin din wáda ed Tamog-o ta asíak abén owáy sin bandá mi.You all solicit contributions from those who are in Tamog-o so that I for my part will be responsible for our side.
alóyasActive Verbman-, -om-1To run, flow down, as tears.
alóyonActive Verb1man-To work together in a work-sharing group in which each party helps each of the others in turn in a given type of work, such as harvesting rice, house-building, or preparing for a feast.2-enTo work with someone in a work-sharing group.Man-aalóyon da din babbabái ay mantónod.The women are working together transplanting rice seedlings in a work-sharing group.Sínoy laydém si aloyónem?With whom do you want to work in a work-sharing group?specoblá
amákinship 2, non-reciprocalFather; relationship between ego and any male relative at the first ascending generation.See alsoagíanák 1apó1elí 2ináiyógtankasíngsingpipidwásenánsenédaam-á, kaamaamá, amam-á
amaénkinship 3, non-reciprocalUncle.
amaén, pangamaénkinship 3, non-reciprocalUncle.
ámag1NounMaterial from which something is constructed.2Active Verb-om-1, -enTo make, build, do.Amágen yo kasín kanó din alád tan binmel-áy din bosáang.You are reportedly to make the fence again because the pigs have gotten out.3Active Verbi-To use to make; to repair, arrange, set up.Iámag yo din kawáyan yan estén yo ay takdén.Make it with the bamboo and tie it carefully together.4Stative verbma-To be made, done; to occur, happen.Man-ámag ka si dakdaké ay daó.Make a large ark.En ka kod iámag din alád mo way nadadáel.Please go repair the fence if something is damaged.Ipadsék din káiw sin laydén ay pangiamágan.One is to stick the pole in the ground where one wants it to be set up.See alsoam-ámatbógapasámakpikpík1sáadsistíma 3
amák1AdjectiveCausing apprehension, as war, house built on unstable land.ka- + CV2Stative verbma-To be apprehensive.3Active Verb-enTo be apprehensive concerning something.Amakék din kapolágan di bató ay doóy.I am apprehensive concerning the tumbling down of that rock.Kaaamák di gobát.War causes apprehension.
am-ámActive Verb1man-, -om-1To gather materials for and build the framework of a native-style house.2-enTo use for building above framework.Man-am-ámak si beéy ko.I am building the framework of my house.Síged danás maam-ám.These are good to use for building the framework.See alsoámagat 2bógapasámakpikpík1sáad 2sistíma
am-amáNounWider side of house.See alsoan-anák
am-amáyActive Verb-anTo do something softly, quietly, as walking, speaking.Am-amay-ám ay mankalí ta adí mabalágas Martin.Speak softly so Martin is not awakened.Am-amay-ám ay mandán tan nanaék si Koliti.Walk quietly because Koliti is sleeping.antmanglét