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baStative verbma-To be dried up, as a leaf.
baáNounHeadband or fringed loincloth, plain black in color, worn by older men.specbedbédwanés
báa1NounMessenger, one sent on an errand.2Active Verb-om-3, -en, i-To send on an errand.Omibáa ka yan íwed di am-amágem.You send me on the end and you're doing nothing.
báagActive Verb1-en, -anTo inform, let someone know.En ka kod baágan si Bernard ta makiáli si bigát.Please go let Bernard know that he is to join in coming tomorrow.2i-To inform, spread the word concerning something, as a water buffalo for sale.Ibáag mo kod mo way man-ábang.Please spread the word if there is someone who will rent.See alsoattimábalaáwdopó 2kalíkánakawáni 3lemám 3ngalát 4polsíto
báakAdjectiveOld, as clothes, tools, coins, buildings.Synonymdáan
baáng1Noun-anBackyard vegetable garden.2Active Verb-enTo plant something in backyard vegetable garden.Ay way binabaáng yos onás?Have you planted any sugarcane in your backyard vegetable garden?
báasNounSediment in liquid, as coffee dregs.
babá1Active Verbmanpa-To humble oneself.2Active Verb-om-1To descend, become lower, as airplane, prices, water level.3Active Verbi-To lower, take or lift down.4Stative verbma-To be low.See alsobabáwi 2ballalóngepás 3gosádkesép 2kombabápapas-ádpognósadsád2sónaysonódtad-ótotóyo
bab-áNounTooth.member of setdalmégsaóngtangéb di bab-á
babaddíNounEdible mussel found in rivers.See alsobokbokáiggakkíkímawkompíyasodángpadáwpasáyan
bábagActive Verb1man-To be perpendicular or cross-wise to a given plane, as a snake crossing trail, someone lying across a bed, a normally vertical object, as a tree, lying horizontally.2pan...enTo lay flat, of something normally vertical.antóndos
babái1NounWoman, female of any species.See alsosinyóla2Active Verb-om-1To take a woman's role, of men.3Active Verbmaki-, mang-, -enTo have sexual intercourse with a woman other than one's wife.According to traditional belief, unfaithfulness to one's spouse will result in sickness or harm to one's family.
babáte1NounKind of wood borer; sometimes used to bait fish hooks.2Stative verbma-To be worm-eaten by the above borer.See alsobokbók2dángewleklék1 2patéte 2
babáwiActive Verb1man-, i-To regret, repent of.Manbabáwiak ay inméy ed Bagabag, tan man-átong baw.I regret going to Bagabag, because it's hot, as I now realize.2man-, i-To apologize, confess, as sins to a priest.Ibabáwim básol mo sin pádi.Confess your sin to the priest.Ibabáwik tan ginatínak síkim.I apologize because I stepped on your foot.See alsobabá 4ballalóngepás 3gosádkesép 2kombabápapas-ádpognósadsád2sónaysonódtad-ótotóyo
babkég1NounAny sound, but especially the sound of something hitting or falling.Dinngé dan babkég na.They heard the sound of it (falling).2Active Verbman-To make an audible sound.Manbabkég di okmóna.His swallowing makes an audible sound.3Adjectivema-To make an audible sound.Nababkég sin edég na.It (someone else's fist) made a (thudding) sound on his back.
bádangActive Verb-om-3, -anTo help, assist.antídno2See alsotólong
badáyNounTadpole.See alsobakbák1balbál2godákkadéw
badkátActive Verb-enTo pick up something heavy with both hands.Kabadkát íman sin dakdaké ay bató.He picked the large stone right up in his hands.specegén
bádo1NounClothes in general; specifically, shirt or dress.2Active Verbman-, i-To get dressed, put on something.3Active Verb-anTo dress someone.Awní kod ta énak manbádo.Please wait so I will go get dressed.Badóam si Langdew ta eméy takó.Dress Langdew so we will go.Ibádom san manbalánga.Put on that red one.
baéganNounUpper drying and storage rack above fire, used for rice, wood, etc..See alsobangsálkalapáwkallaánglaktángpatnáy
baélStative verbma...anTo be able, can.Padásek kod ay manggén mo mabaelák.I will please try to carry it if I am able.SynonymkabisádoSee alsobalín1
baénStative verbma...anTo be affected or warned by a bad omen, as a sneeze or dead rat, esp. when starting out on a journey.Nabaenán kas gáyang.You were warned by a crow.Mo mabaenán din ipoltík ko ay tápey, adí ka in-inomén.If the rice beer I pour out to the spirits is affected by a bad omen, don't drink it.See alsoábingalás 2básoteweewé