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labáActive Verb-an, i-To launder, wash clothes.En ka ilabá ed gináwang.Go launder them at the river.Ay linabaám din lángpin Dollika?Have you laundered Dollika's diapers?See alsomáloówassaksák1
lábaAdjectivema-Quick growing, quick to mature, of any growing thing.antket-éngSee alsodagás2diwésdolítsoikomba'ba din áwakkeséplabáslángsatletég 1
labáanNounBrahminy kite (Haliastus indus).spectítit
labadólaNounBaking powder; also used to refer to bread yeast.levadura
lab-ágActive Verb-anTo exaggerate something.Linab-ágam din inbagám.You exaggerated what you said.
lábakActive Verb-om-3, -enTo butcher, dress a carcass; to operate.Ay onína adí mo adí da lomábak - gaák.It will be good if they don't operate on me - I don't want to be.See alsokólossekyángtégategmátem-ák
labákasNounRazor.See alsogípan
labángNounSpotted dog or cow.See alsoásobálit 2bélewlibóngngétittíwel
labás1Adjectivena-Already in a certain condition, as wet, feathered out (implies it is too late to remedy or prevent).2Active Verb-om-1, -anTo pass by, go past something.3Stative verbma-To be passing by.
labáw1NounSurface, esp. of extended area, such as the earth, body of water, rock face.2Adjectivena-Near the surface; said of the speech of one who uses few of the older Kankanaey words.Ipalabáw mo sin innapóy.Put it on top of the cooked rice.3Active Verbipa-To put on top of.
lab-áy1Stative verbma-To be weak in natural flavor, as weak instant coffee, some varieties of camote and fruit, watered-down rice beer.2Active Verb-om-1To become weak in natural flavor.for other bland tastes, see 'iámsit|rantlídek
labéd1NounBundle, as of harvested rice.See alsopengpéng2Active Verb-enTo tie into bundles, of rice; to wrap around something, as a wound, tying a prisoner to a post.Doy tomit-íyeng din dadá na, dalasém ay manlabéd.Look there his blood is flowing steadily, hurry up anad wrap it.See alsodanégdan-gánóyon(labdén)
labégNounBlue-headed fantail (Rhipidura cyaniceps); considered leader of the omen birds.spectítit
labés1AdverbExcessively, overly.Nalabés ay naóm san balát.Those bananas are overly ripe.2Active Verb-om-1To go past or over, as a deadline, a boundary.Linmabés din pítsa, isónga maládaw din bonóbon.The date is past, so the rice planting will be late.3Active Verb-enTo do to excess, as whipping a child.Adím labsén ay manoplít.Don't whip him excessively.for other words relating to excess, cf. laká 2.2, lebás, palálo, palét, petél, soblá|i
labí1time past or futureNight.2Active Verbman- + CVCTo do by night.Nanlablabí din sosoldádo ay inméy ed Baguio et nabigláan din kaíbaw da.The soldiers went by night to Baguio and their enemies were taken by surprise.3Stative verbma-To get dark.4Stative verbma...anTo be overtaken by nightfall, as on the trail.See alsobollingétewéd 1illétliksépmaadáwan ágewmansegép di manóksagílipsedémsewílsolíyaw
labólabActive Verbman-To produce froth, of meat when boiled.
labóntoActive Verbman-To be in heat.
lábosActive Verb1To be completely naked.Nakalalábos sis-iyá sin labósan mi.He was completely naked when we stripped + CV2-om-3, -an; i...anTo strip someone naked; take off someone's clothes.Ilabósan yos sis-iyá ta emsén takó.Take off his clothes for him so that we can bathe him.Sigaána ay mailabósan.She refuses to be stripped naked.See alsowáy-as
láboy1NounAlgae; moss growing in wet places, such as riverbank.2Stative verbma...anTo have algae or moss growing on.See alsobágiwbóot 2lómot 2lóot 2
labsíngActive Verb-anTo break, disobey, as a command or law.
ládangNounDiaphragm.See alsobalá
ládaw1Active Verb-om-2, -enTo cause to be late.2Stative verbma-To be late, as the bus in arriving.See alsoebéskálaysálaltakták1taynán
ladáyNounPenis.See alsobotlógkesítlepyáklósisaling-át 2
ladkíkingActive Verb-om-4, -enTo carry something suspended from a handle, strap or string, as a bucket.specegénOverlaping Synonymlidkíng
lad-ó1NounLoose soil, esp. soil that has been recently dug from a hole or been displaced by a landslide.2Active Verb-anTo put loose soil on something.Ólay say lad-óan yo din poón di balát.Go ahead and put loose soil on the base of the banana plant.Overlaping Synonymósal