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ta1ConjunctionSo that, in order that; with a view to.
ta2pron1, 2We (you and I); our (yours and mine); first person dual.See also-akdakakamíkayókomimo1na1takóyo
táag1AdjectiveSudden, unexpected, as a death.Táag di inyát na ay natéy.The way he died was unexpected.2AdjectiveTo suddenly do something.3Stative verbma-To be caught unawares, taken by surprise, as by someone's unannounced arrival.Natáagak yan! Kambáw kadaténg si aydók.I was sure taken unawares! Why there my sister in law suddenly arrived.
táakActive Verb1man-To be widely spaced, as houses, eyes, floor with cracks between boards.Nantaatáak di det-á na.Its floor has many spaces between the boards.2-om-1, -anTo move away from.Tomáak ka, así ka itpíg sin apóy.Move away, then throw it on the fire.3i-To move or place something a distance away.Itáak mo din kaltón sin bébe.Move the carton a distance away from the pine tree.
taáwNounLong grass.See alsobéasbellángékatgabgáb 2káda
tabá1NounFat, of humans.2Adjectivema-Fat, having excess flesh.3Active Verb-om-1To become fat; to rise, of water.
tab-ángActive Verb1man-To taste like food or water from a hot climate, i.e. lacking in flavor.antnánamSee alsoámsitkekektálaeyálánggilóyamesítoknát2tamnáy 32man-To taste like water with acid or mineral flavor.speclamátSee alsobónglog
tabátabActive VerbTo cut pitch pine from a tree.
tabatsóyActive Verb-om-To become stout, of women after several pregnancies.See alsoapílasbígotbóngawbosláybotyóg 2éngpis 2kingáw2kíngking1 1kóyas 3laméslamít 3págasyápit
tab-áwActive Verb1man-To enter water, as by stepping, diving or falling.Maip-ipkét bísil dowán en mantab-áw sin danóm.The sand was sticking to him as he went to enter the water.2i-To put something in water, as dishes to be washed.Din nowáng, pinontáana din posóng et naitab-áw.The water buffalo, it hit the deep part and went under water.See alsosagáksagáksak
tábawNounWild cat.
tabé1Active Verbman-To bang, make a thundering noise, as a gun, thunder, dynamite, landslide.See alsobeták2éngegkáengkanídongkikinbékikinbóongpotíkpotók 3tanekték 2tolílik
tabé21Active Verb-om-4, i-To soak something for several hours or more, as beans, pancit noodles, stained clothes.Tomabé kas toló ay salmón sin ítab ta iótom.Soak three cans of the lima beans so that you will cook them.2Stative verbma-To be drunk, full of liquor.Natabé din áwak kos álak.My body is full if liquor (i.e., I'm drunk).
tabekyéwStative verbma-To be still, not flowing, of water, as in a pond or puddle.
tab-énActive Verb-om-4, i-To soak in water, as an infected limb, clothes, seeds.En ka mantab-én sin asín ta makáan din gólid.Go soak in the salt (springs) so the psoriasis will be removed.
tabkálNounPhilippine banded crake.spectítit
tablá1NounTie, even score.
tablá2NounBoards, lumber.
tábo1NounAbdomen.2Active VerbTo have an enlarged abdomen, as a woman after childbirth.speclamésmang- + CVCV
tab-ókActive Verb-om-3, -anTo cover up, cover over, as roots with soil, anything placed on top of something else.Adí ka owát tabtab-ókan san tái; paláemet ta en ka iwasít.Don't just cover over that feces; shovel it now so you can go throw it away.Synonymgabóntápal 2
tabóko1NounLarge fish net up to four meters in diameter with lead sinkers attached around the circumference.Ipolwák da din tabóko, así da goyóden ay dágos.They toss out the large fish net, then they pull it in immediately.Can be used either from shore or from a boat.2Active Verbmang-, man-To fish with such a net.See alsopolwáksagóysoysápa2
tábonActive Verb1man-To hide oneself.2i-To hide something.
tabongáwNounWhite squash.specnaténgSee alsokombása
tabtáb1Active Verb-anTo cut out section of pine tree to use as pitch pine.See alsotagítéte
tabtáb2NounKaingin made on an extremely steep slope.specnom-á