asáwa1NounSpouse; mate (human or otherwise).as-áwa2kinship 1, reciprocal Married couple; relationship between husband and wife or between a male and female pair (animals, birds).Manláko kayó abé si sin-asáwa ay manók.Also buy a pair of chickens (i.e. rooster and hen).3Active Verbman-To marry each other.4Active Verbmaki-, mang-To get married.Mangasáwa kanó din anák en Paáyas.The son of Paayas is reportedly getting married.Although these two affixes are sometimes used interchangeably, maki- is more often used of a woman, mang- of a man or of marriage in gen ral.5Active Verb-enTo marry someone.6Stative verbma...anTo be married.7Stative verbi-, pang...enTo give someone in marriage; to marry off (a daughter); to pair with something, as to sacrifice a female carabao to make a pair with a male butchered previ usly.Ay adí ka pangasawáen din anák mo?Aren't you going to marry off your daughter?Omá kas kabayyán ta iasáwam din bomaló ay insidó yo ed tawén.Get a female carabao to pair with the male carabao you butchered last year.specton-ód1See alsoábataspósagabátansawási Affinal Relatives

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