aspó1Active Verbman-, -om-1,3To meet.En ka man-aspó sin gagáit takó ta wáda di pankakadwá takó sin dánan.Go and meet our companions so we will have companions to be with on the trail.En ka omaspó ed Kibungan ta idawát ko din ótang ko.Go meet me at Kibungan so I will give (you) my debt.2Active Verb-enTo meet intentionally or by previous agreement, as a guest invited to come, a bus whose schedule is known.Énak aspóen din bas ed Sagpat Junction.I'm going to meet the bus at Sagpat Junction.3Active Verb-anTo come upon, meet without previous agreement, as a snake on the trail, going to see a doctor without an appointment.Inaspóak di éweg sin dánan.I came upon a snake on the path.4Active Verbi-To take someone or something to a place where he will make a rendezvous, as a sick person to the doctor.Énak iaspó din mansakít ay nay, tan wáday talipyáno ay omáli.I'll go take this sick person to the place where he will meet (the plane), because there is a plane coming.5Stative verbma-To be met by a spirit, resulting in illness.Eméy sin sidaán et mansakít, yan kanán da en naaspó.He went to the feast location and got sick, and they said he was met by a spirit.

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