payParticle1Still, yet (indicates a continuation of a previous action or state).Adí da pay inoblá din kanán di nákay en obláen da.They had not yet worked on what the old man had told them to do.2As for -- (brings out contrast with preceding statement, often with the construction mo -- pay).Mo si Bacona pay, en nan-iskowíla.(But) as for Bacona, he went to school.3Advances the plot in sequential narrative.Mapidwá din saíg, doy ay ipíka na. Ipíka na pay kanó, natokáng.When she had piled up two more layers (of sweet potatoes in the basket), she stood up with it. And having stood up with it, they say, she fell over.For misc. particles, see following table. For other categories of particles, see a2.

Miscellaneous Particles

ánggoy only, just

komá should, should have

met láeng also; -- and no other

pay still; as for --

pay dedán nevertheless

pay láeng still

to future time

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