a1Active Verb1man-, -om-4, -enTo get, fetch somethingMan-á ka si sin-as-áwa ay animál.Get pairs of animals.Omá ka si andó ay ánes.Get some long pieces of climbing bamboo.En ka aláen din gípan ko sin lamisáan.Go get my knife on the table.2i-To get with something, as money.Magáy iák si sapátos di anák ko.I have nothing with which to get my child's shoes.Iá yo din píso sin asókal.Use the peso to get the sugar.3-omi-3,4To get some of something for me.Omiá ka kod si papíl sin kantínan en Patricia.Please get me some paper at Patricia's store.4i...anTo get for someone.Iáan yo kod si sak-én sin gátas.Please get some of the milk for me.5-anTo inherit from someone (a physical or character trait).Sínoy ináana sin pinmangsílaw ay bab-á na, ay si nánang na óno si tátang na?From whom did he inherit his buck teeth, his mother or his father?

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