lóya1NounJanuary, so named because the ground is dry and dusty at that time.Manngádan si Lóya tan nay kinmalolóya din táin di animál.Its name is Loya because at this point the animals' droppings had a dirtying effect.See alsobówan3dáos1 2ináas 2ínat 1kayáng 3kibíkib 2kíling 1kitkitíkiyáng 1kóyog 1límengmagáy ngádanasalnédtekétíway2Active Verb-om-2To be dirtying, have a dirtying effect.Adí ka lewkén san tása tan maisiwsíw din gómot mo, lomóya.Don't put your finger in that glass because your finger will be dipped into (the contents), it will be dirtying.3Active Verb-om-3, -omipa-3To make a person dirty; make a person feel dirty.4Active Verb-an, pa...enTo make something dirty.Adí ka owát loyáan.Don't just make it dirty.5Stative verbma- with or without CVC- of stemTo see something and feel dirtied, repulsed, as when seeing dirty hands going into a common dish.(malóya, malmalóya)6Stative verbma...anTo have one's appetite taken away due to a feeling of repulsion.Maloyáanak sin inóto da ay bagóong.I have my appetite taken away by the anchovy paste they cooked.

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