kóyog1NounDay before new moon, first phase in lunar cycle; so named from the belief that any project begun on this day will be accompanied by bad luck.See alsobówan3dáos1 2ináas 2ínat 1kayáng 3kibíkib 2kíling 1kitkitíkiyáng 1límenglóya 1magáy ngádanasalnédtekétíway2Active Verbman-, -om-3, -en, i-To accompany, go with.Mankóyog kayó ay dowá ta wáday gáit mo.You two go together so that you will have a companion.Adí na laydén ay maikóyog en dakamí tan man-áni.He doesn't want to go with us because he is harvesting.See alsoabákewbéwegkoyókoytakíntolód

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