sokátActive Verb1-an, i-, pa-, pan...enTo change, as the time, one's clothes; to exchange, as places, machetes; to give something in exchange for; to replace; to succeed, take the place of, as a president.Sokatám san bádom ta énak ilabá.Change those clothes so that I will go launder them.Makdéng din bówan di átong, maisokát din bówan di bakákew.When the month of March (lit. heat) is finished, the month of April (lit. type of migratory bird) will take its place.Sínoy isokát mo sin línos ko ay nay?What will you give in exchange for this watch of mine?Pansokatén tan bangíg ta.Let's exchange our bolos.Pasokát mos silsílyo.Get it changed for coins.2-om-3, -enTo replace, take the place of.Sokatém kod sis-iyá ay manggén.Please take his place in carrying it.Somkát ka kod tan nay nabbáyak.Please take my place because I am tired.See alsoáboayéddéde 2dendén 2dikdíkhoykibíkib 1kiw-ángkotíwtiwlas-ípaklínsadí 2selégsos

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