ábang1NounRent.2Active Verbman-, -om-3,4, -anTo rent, pay rent on something.Man-ab-ábang kayó kanó.They say you are renting.Abángan mi din esá ay kowárto.We'll rent the other room.Omábang ka.Let me work for you for pay (lit. rent me).3Active Verbi-, -omi-3, i...anTo rent something out.Omiábang kayó kodáy.Please rent me (a room).Kaiábang das odóm kanó mo adí yo omáli.They will reportedly rent it right out to someone else if you don't come.Iabángan naká.I'll pay the rent for you.4Stative verbmai-To be for rent.5Stative verbma...anTo be rented.Naabángan ámin di kowárto.All the rooms are rented out.

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