Main dictionary entries (Browse Kaqchikel)

In the main dictionary every entry begins with a Kaqchikel headword (-aq'oman above.) Immediately after the headword are buttons that, when clicked, play audio clips of the headword being spoken, each by a speaker of a different dialect of Kaqchikel.

Any audio clips for an entry are in the order of the following dialectal pronunciations:

San Antonio Aguas Calientes (SAAC) ; San Juan Comalapa (SJC) ; Santa María de Jesus (SMJ) ; Santiago Sacatapéquez (SS) ; Tecpán (TEC) ; Standard (STD)

(It is important to note that if a particular dialectal sample is not available, this does not reflect a lack of vocabulary or the absence of variation in that region.)


Following this are cross-references to any words of notable relation, as well as the components that make up the headword (-aq'omaj), if applicable. Kaqchikel words that appear within the entry are colored blue. This indicates that they are clickable links that will take you to the entry of the respective word.

On the following lines, various possible translations of the Kaqchikel headword are given, beginning with Spanish translations, which are then followed by English ones. On each line of the translations the relevant language is given followed by its number (Esp1) for 'Español 1' and Eng 1) for 'English 1'), then grammatical information about the Kaqchikel headword (sus for 'sustantivo' and n for 'noun'), and finally the translation itself.

After all of the translations are given, any words that are made up in part by the headword are listed in alphabetical order, i.e. words for which this word serves as a base (aq'omanel), again if applicable.