The Karang language is spoken in the Mayo Rey Division of the North Region of Cameroon and in the Eastern Logone of the Republic of Chad. There are about 18,000 speakers of this language.


This Karang-French dictionary has been compiled mainly for Karang speakers and aims to promote the development of this language. It will serve as a database of terminology and cultural information that would otherwise be lost with the evolution of the language. The dictionary is intended as a standardised reference document for the spelling of Karang terms.


The Karang alphabet, a shorthand of spelling rules, and a list of abbreviations is given on separate pages. The main part of this Karang-French-English dictionary contains over 3700 entries. A French-Karang index of more than 2,500 entries and an English-Karang index of 600+ items follow the main part of this dictionary.

Robert Ulfers


updated by Robert Hedinger 2019