Kasem - English


faa adv a short time (domain: - A short time.)
faao₁ [M ] KO n harvest season (of millet, corn, etc.); festival associated with the harvest { faao wɛ harvest time | faa-ni chana November } (domain: - Food storage, 6.2.5 - Harvest.)
faao₂ [H ] KO/TE n baboon (domain: - Primate.) [ kali-faao ]
faare v spread over everywhere, infest { n faare n wo you eat your fill } (domain: - Spread, smear.) [ wɛ-faare ]
fae adv comfortable, at ease (domain: - Relaxed, 2.4.5 - Rest, - Relaxed posture.)
fage [L ] A1 v repair, prepare, do properly, treat well (domain: - Improve, - Work well.)
fageno (der. of fage) n benefactor
fala [M ] v st be thin, small, light (domain: - Thin thing, - Light in weight.) [ der. -fefala ]
falalala ideo peaceful (domain: 3.4.1 - Feel good.)
fan-bu (from fana, bu) n razor-blade
fana [L ] KA/SE n small knife, blade (domain: 6.7.1 - Cutting tool.) cf: seo. [ fan-bu , fanchoa ]
fanchoa [LM ] KA/SE (dialect: fantea) (from fana) n scissors
fane [L ] A1 v shave, cut the head or beard { yu-fanno barber } [ der. fanfanno ]
fanfanno O/BA (der. of fana, fane, -no) n barber
fantea dialect of fanchoa
faŋa [M ] temp formerly, in time past { Ko nwoŋi faŋa mo we, ... It comes from the past that ... | faŋa tu person of time past | Faŋa tu mo we, .. The person of time past said, ... (introduction to a proverb) | faŋa tu memaŋe proverb }
faŋa faŋa temp long_ago
faŋe₁ [M ] A1 v test (the strength of someone or something) { Faŋe n nii! Try it! } (domain: - Evaluate, test.)
faŋe₂ [H ] A1 v 1jump 2shrink (of cloth)
faŋe₃ [L ] v aux 1do something always, never (with negative) { O ba faŋe o swia. He never forgets. } (domain: - All the time, - Never.) 2do something again, well, properly { O wo faŋe o ke. He did not do it well. } (domain: - Work well.)
faro [L ] O/BA n helper, friend, benefactor { Nabiinu faro mo o dono. A man's sympathiser is also his enemy. }
fase [H ] adv perfectly, completely (domain: 9.3.2 - Completely.)
fe₁ [L ] A2 v 1remove shells, hair, etc. 2be_mangy { Pia kam koro tem fe. The sheep's coat is mangy, losing hair. }
fe₂ [H ] A2 1v force { Ba fe-o se o vo. They forced him to go. } 2v st must, ought { Ko fe mo se dé kwaane. We must try hard. } cf: fefeo.
fea [M ] KA/SE (der. of fo) n urine [ idiom benafea ]