Kasem - English


ja₁ [M ] C5 (impf: jaana; past: jaane) v hold, catch, arrest, take hold of { n ja n vo you take (it) | n ja n ba you bring (it) | n ja jara you fight | n ja puga you conceive (a child) | n ja n ni you are astonished | n ja n tete you are self-controlled } [ pu-jare ]
ja₂ adv openly, obviously [ dup. jaja ]
ja₃ (emphatic: jan ja) exc please, term of respect { A lwoori-m ja! Please, I entreat you! | Jan ja, woli-ne! Please help me! } (domain: 3.3.2 - Request, 4.3.7 - Polite.)
ja- stem of jeŋa ja-bɔŋɔ cupped hands , jagwia left hand , jazem right hand , der. jafoga fingernail , der. jafole ring worn on finger , der. jafombu finger , der. jaguli fist , der. japwoori palms, pleading , der. jataale palm of hand
ja-bɔŋɔ KO (from ja-, bɔŋa) n cupped hands (domain: - Arm.)
ja-kukworo (from ja-, kukwori) n cradled arms { O ke bu wom o ja-kukworo ne. She held the child cradled in her arms. } (domain: - Arm.)
jaana impf. of ja
jaane₁ [L ] A1 v fly (domain: - Animal movement, - Fly, - Move up.)
jaane₂ past of ja v held
jaara -/YA n pl dash, gift, discount (domain: 6.8.2 - Accumulate wealth.)
jafo-kweo (from jafombu, -kweo) thumb (domain: - Finger, toe.)
jafoga [LM ] KA/YA (pl: jafwa) (der. of ja-) n fingernail syn: jafombwora. (domain: - Finger, toe.)
jafole DE/YA (dialect: jafolo) (der. of ja-) n ring worn on finger { tu-yeili jafole ivory finger ring } (domain: 5.4.1 - Jewelry.)
jafombu O/BA (der. of ja-, bu) n finger { jafo-kweo thumb } (domain: - Finger, toe.) [ jafo-kweo , jafombwora ]
jafombwora KA/SE (from jafombu) n fingernail syn: jafoga. (domain: - Finger, toe.)
jagala (der. of ja-, gaale) n excess (domain: - Extra.)
jage A1 v disperse, scatter { Yaga kam jage. The market dispersed. } (domain: - Separate, scatter.)
jagesage ideo bright daylight (domain: - Bright.)
jaguli DE/YA (der. of ja-) n fist { jaguli-yi fistful | jaguli-zane strike (of punishment) } (domain: - Arm.)
jagwia KA/SE (from ja-, -gwia) n left hand (domain: - Right, left, - Arm.)
jaja (dup. of ja) adv clearly, obviously { Ko tu ko lɔre jaja. It has become obvious. }
jalam-jalam ideo aimlessly (domain: - Purpose, goal.)
jale [L ] A1 v expose, make bare, in the open { n jale n tete you expose yourself (to ridicule) }
jamasɔɔne DE/YA n wild plant with edible leaves (domain: 1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine, - Food from leaves.)
jambayala adv lying flat on one's back (domain: 7.1.3 - Lie down, 8.5.5 - Spatial relations.)