Kasem - English


m- variant spelling of n- mpɛ seven (7) (in counting)
ma₁ B2 (impf: mae; past: mɛa) v use { Ba mae konto ba ma ke bɛ mo? What do they use that for? } (domain: - Use.)
ma₂ [M ] pt with, using { O kwei seo o ma zage mena. He took a cutlass and harvested the millet with it. } (domain: - Use.)
ma₃ [M ] pt next, then { O ma zaŋe o vo sɔŋɔ. Then he got up and went home. } (domain: - Next, - Aspect--dynamic verbs.)
maa pt 1present action (verbs of motion) { A maa vei yaga. I am going to market. } (domain: 9.4.1 - Tense and aspect.) 2additional action or state { O maa wora taa. And he was there for a long time. } (domain: 9.6.1 - Coordinate relations, - Aspect--stative verbs.)
maale₁ A1 v wash, smooth with water, liquid (domain: - Smooth, - Liquid.)
maale₂ DE/YA n mile (domain: - Far, 8.2.8 - Measure.)
maama num all, every, each { dɛ maama every day | o bia maama all his children } (domain: 8.1.5 - All.)
maana [L ] YA (der. of maane) n testimony, witness, observation, proof, sign, example (domain: - Information, - Witness, testify.)
maane A1 v observe, realise, notice, deduce { O maane we o yi sam. He realised that he had reached houses. | Maane ko ni ne! Take note of it! } (domain: - Notice, - Think about, - Look.) [ der. maana ]
maao₁ [M ] KO/TE (pl: maaro) n 1catapult (domain: 6.4.1 - Hunt.) 2rubber, elastic, gum (domain: 1.5 - Plant.)
maao₂ [R ] KO/TE n Hawk (bird); "Eagle" (domain: - Bird.)
maase DE/YA n cake cooked in fat (domain: - Prepared food.)
mae₁ v st be a certain size, similar, equal { Te ba mae daane. They are not the same. | Noa na mae tei to, ka ta mae konto mo. Whatever size the finger is, it remains that size.; Not everything changes with time. } (domain: 8.2.7 - Fit, size, - Like, similar.)
mae₂ impf. of ma v uses
mage A1 v 1hit, strike, beat { Ba mage-ne they hit me | mage ni-kantɔgɔ have an argument | mage nyɔɔne boast } (domain: 7.7.1 - Hit.) 2kick, play ball games { Ba mage bɔɔle. They played ball. } (domain: 7.7.3 - Kick.) 3play a musical instrument (domain: - Play music.) der. mageno,
mageno O/BA (der. of mage 3 play, -no) n player, musician { gul-mageno drum beater } (domain: - Musician, 4.2.6 - Entertainment, recreation.)
male₁ [R ] v overcome, exhausted
male₂ [M ] DE/YA n stick for threshing millet, rice (domain: - Thresh, 7.7.1 - Hit.)
maleka KA/SE n angel (domain: 4.9.2 - Supernatural being.)
manchale DE/YA n testicle (domain: - Male organs.)
manchese n pl matches
manchɔŋɔ KO/TE n grasshopper sp. (domain: - Insect.)
manchwo-ni (from manchwoŋo, ni 2 gate) n entrance, gateway to house (domain: 6.5.2 - Parts of a building.)
manchwo-peena YA (from manchwoŋo, peene) n pl entrance way to a house, leading into the nabwoo