Kasem - English


n (emphatic: nmo) pn you (sg.), your (domain: 9.2.3 - Pronouns.) [ der. -m , idiom denlei , idiom denleilei ]
n- (other spelling: m-) num pf prefix on numeral stems 2 - 7, used when counting { nlei, ntɔ, nna, nnu, ndo, mpɛ 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 } (domain: 9.2.9 - Affixes, - Cardinal numbers.) [ ndo , nlei , nna , nnu , ntɔ ]
na₁ [L ] A3 (past: , impf: nana) v 1press, iron, rub { O wora o nane gwaaro tem. He is ironing the clothes. } (domain: 7.7.4 - Press.) 2scrape, grate, grind (domain: 7.7.6 - Grind, - Grind flour.)
na₂ B2 (; impf: nae; past: nɛa) v 1see { O ba nae lanyerane. He doesn't see well. } (domain: 2.3.1 - See.) 2find, get { O wo nɛ o boŋo kom. He didn't find his goat. } (domain: 7.6.2 - Find.) 3experience { O nɛ wopwolo dedɛ. He became very happy. } (domain: 3.4 - Emotion.) [ nɛɛre ]
na₃ [H ] BA n water { A lage na se a nyɔ. I want water to drink. | na-luŋa deep water | na-kwala shallow water | na-fara sea, ocean, lake | na-zura cold water | na-gaa plain water } (domain: 1.3 - Water.) [ na-kwala , na-nyɔm , na-ŋona , na-zoŋa , nabworo , yele-na , yi-na ]
na₄ [R ] O/BA (pl: naana) n ancestor, great great grandfather { Yi mo yeiri na, se zwɛ yei na. The eye doesn't know the ancestor but the ear knows him.; We know about things we have not seen but only heard about. } (domain: - Related by birth.)
na₅ [L ] int question marker { Ba vei yaga na? Have they gone to market? | Ba jwoori mo na? Have they returned? | Bwei-o we, o jege baro na? Ask her whether she has a husband. }
na6 [L ] pt 1when, since (in the past) { O na yi da to, ... When he got there, ... | O na ye nɔn-ŋwem to, ... Since he is a good man, ... } (domain: 9.4.7 - Subordinating particles.) 2dependent clause marker (which, who) { nɔɔno wolo na vei da to the man who went there } (domain: 9.6.2 - Dependency relations.) cf: to.
na- [M ] pf prefix on certain adjectives when used as a predicate { Sara kam ye nadwoŋa. The mat is old } [ der. nadoŋa , der. nadwoŋa , der. napwoŋa , der. naseŋa , der. nasoŋo , der. nazɔŋɔ , der. nazwona , der. nazwono ]
[M ] pt if, when (in the future, unrealised) { Dé ná laga, dé wó wane dé kwei. If we want to, we can take (it). | Dé ná yi da, dé wó peini. When we get there, we will sleep. | O ya ná vei yaga, o ya wó yeigi mena. If she had gone to market, she would have bought millet. | ko ná dae konto if not that, otherwise }
na-baare DE/YA (from naga) n pace, step (domain: - Walk.) [ der. na-baare yi , der. naba-laare ]
na-baare yi (der. of na-baare) n pace used as a measurement (domain: - Walk.)
na-bala KA/SE (from naao, -bala) n bullock
na-beinnu -/TE (from naao, beinnu) n pl cow dung
na-bɔŋa (from naga 3 trail, bɔŋa) n way_of_life
na-bu dialect of na-mɔra
na-chwɛ (from naao, -chwɛ) n heifer (cow which has yet to give birth) (domain: - Hoofed animals.)
na-jworo (from naa, jworo) n great-grandchild (domain: - Grandson, granddaughter.)
na-kwala (from na, -kwale) n shallow water { Foone wo na-kwala ni ne. Fear may be found in the shallows.; Fear attaches to the unknown. }
na-kwogili DE/YA (from naga 1 leg, kwogili) n metal leg bracelet (domain: 5.4 - Adornment.)
na-mɔra (dialect: na-bu) (from naao, -mɔra) n calf (domain: - Cattle, 1.6.3 - Animal life cycle.)
na-nia (from naao, -nia) n cow that has given birth (domain: - Hoofed animals.)
na-nyɔm (from na, nyɔ) n thirst (domain: - Hungry, thirsty.)
na-ŋona (from na, ŋona) n wave (domain: - Wave.)
na-saana -/YA (from naga 1 leg) n pl metal noise-makers worn on legs e.g. when dancing (domain: 5.4 - Adornment, 4.2.4 - Dance.)