Kasem - English


nyaane₁ [M ] A1 v sew, hem
nyaane₂ [H ] n younger sibling of same sex and generation; step-brother / sister; cousin (domain: - Brother, sister.) [ ka-nyaane ]
nyaane₃ [L ] DE/YA n grass-cutter, cane-rat, agouti (domain: - Rodent.)
nyaare v be_eager { n yera nyaare you are eager | O yera nyaare mo o lage se o toŋe totoŋa yam. She was eager to do the work. } (domain: - Confident.)
nyambɔle DE/YA (dialect: yambɔle) n cucumber (plant) (domain: - Food from vegetables, 1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine.)
nyansaŋ-bia (der. of nyansaŋa, bu 3 fruit) n pl Sesame seeds (small white oil-bearing seeds, pounded and used in soup) (domain: - Food from seeds, 1.5.5 - Parts of a plant.)
nyansaŋa [LH ] n sesame_plant (domain: 1.5 - Plant.) [ der. nyansaŋ-bia ]
nyaŋe₁ A1 v be_infuriated (domain: - Angry.)
nyaŋe₂ v avoid, keep distance from (e.g. because of disease) (domain: - Unfriendly.)
nye₁ [M ] A2 v shine, give light { Wea wó nye. The sun will reappear. }
nye₂ [L ] A2 v resemble, appear, seem { O nye de o kwo. He is like his father. | Ko nye nenɛɛne o dɔ mo tei. It seems as if he is sleeping. }
nye₃ A2 v protest { n nye baare you protest strongly }
nye₄ [H ] A2 v compress, press down
nye₅ [L ] A2 v give water to a baby or an animal to drink { Ba nye bu wom. They made the baby drink. }
nye6 nyeŋa n pl horns
nyea nyeŋa n pl horns
nyeele A1 v insert with pressure, force into
nyeene₁ [M ] A1 v melt, become liquid
nyeene₂ [M ] A1 v shine brightly, dazzle [ lu-nyenno , der. -nyenno ]
nyeene₃ [M ] DE/YA n placenta, afterbirth { Lela mo kwei bu-kaane nyeene. Quickness catches the daughter-in-law's placenta. } (domain: - Fetus.)
nyeeri [H ] v ignite, kindle a fire
nyegele A1 v squeeze out
nyelamm ideo completely consumed (domain: 8.1.6 - Whole, complete.)
nyem [R ] DE/YA (variant: -nyeno) n possession, thing owned { Wɔ nyem mo konto? Whose is that? } cf: nyena.
nyena [R ] -/BA n pl sharing descent cf: nyem. [ der. nyena-bia ]